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Is Samsung TV A Smart TV? 7 Facts Revealed

Is Samsung TV A Smart TV? 7 Facts Revealed

If you are buying a new Samsung TV for your drawing or bedroom to enjoy a fuller view or already have one, you may want to know if it has the functionality of a smart television. 

In this detailed guide, we’ll answer this question and how the TV differs from their regular old models. We’ll also discuss if there is a way to convert yours to a Smart TV. 

Is every Samsung TV a smart TV? 

Samsung launched its first Smart television, the Pavv Bordeaux 750, in 2008. However, it kept manufacturing the regular TVs and Smart TVs (With variations) until 2015. 

After 2015, Smart TVs became the norm, and Samsung then made its every model using the newest smart technology. 

So, all new Samsung TVs are Smart TVs. However, if you have an older model (Earlier than 2008 or 2008-2015) and want to know if it has smart functions, we’ve covered this part below! 

What makes a Samsung TV a smart TV?

Internet Connectivity:

Samsung Smart TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity option in its Settings. This lets you seamlessly browse the internet, download streaming apps, and access online content. 

These TVs give you two options to connect with your home or office internet:

  • Wireless connectivity. 
  • Using an ethernet cable. 

If you can’t connect to the internet on your older TV, it sure isn’t a smart one!

NOTE: Samsung Smart TVs run on the Tizen operating system, which is a Linux-based open-source tvOS that was developed by Samsung and Intel. 

Various Streaming Apps

Samsung Smart TVs have a Smart Hub that provides you access to a vast range of apps that are free to download using an internet connection. 

In fact, there are over 600 apps available for download, including popular streaming services like:

  • Netflix 
  • Hulu
  • Disney+
  • HBO Max
  • Prime Video and many more!

However, you will need a high-speed network connection and a paid subscription to stream them. Along with the paid subscriptions, you have free access to content related to entertainment, information, and motivation. 

For instance, you can activate YouTube on the TV to spend time with your kids binge-watching sessions of adorable animal videos on a bigger display.  

With various free streaming options, you can even listen to music or play fitness content for your workouts.

A regular TV won’t have a Smart Hub or free streaming services like YouTube. 

Gaming Hub

In the latest Smart TVs, Samsung has integrated a Gaming Hub. It provides an easy and convenient way to access all your favorite games in one place. 

So, whether you’re into cloud gaming or have subscriptions with game-stream providers, the Samsung Gaming Hub subscribes directly to these services or logs you in using your existing credentials.

Upto 8K Resolution

Samsung’s Smart TV lineup doesn’t stop at the 4K series. Like other smart TVs on the market, it also offers 8K resolution display options. 

With these 8K displays, you get a stunning picture quality and four times as many pixels as the 4K. It delivers smooth and crisp images that give you a more immersive viewing experience.

If your Samsung TV does not offer that clearer picture quality, it is time to upgrade to the latest tech! 

Smart Home Integration

Samsung TV goes beyond entertainment and seamlessly integrates with your intelligent home ecosystem. 

Through its SmartThings feature, you can connect other smart devices around your TV and manage various aspects of your home, like:

  • Turn on the lights. 
  • Adjust Thermostat. 
  • Monitor security cameras and more! 

This integration adds convenience, simplicity, and efficiency to your daily life. 

Multi-View Mode

Samsung takes multitasking to a new level with its Multi-View feature on selected Smart TVs. 

This feature allows you to display two things simultaneously on your screen. For example, watching media from different sources, such as gaming consoles. 

These features make Samsung TVs not just smart but a hub of entertainment, work, and connectivity.


Even regular Samsung TVs have USB and HDMI ports. But the Smart ones have a Bluetooth feature to wirelessly connect external devices such as gaming consoles, soundbars, or home theater systems effortlessly.

Also, some Samsung TV series even support the AirPlay feature to let you connect your Apple device and mirror content to it. 

Furthermore, you can use the Smart View feature to cast your Android devices and Windows PC screens to your TV. 

Can you turn a regular Samsung TV into a smart TV?

You can buy streaming sticks such as Roku, Firestick, and others and connect them to your Samsung TV’s HDMI port. Various streaming apps running on these devices can get you access to the content only a Smart TV can offer.

You can also connect the Google Chromecast device to the regular Samsung TV. This will cast content directly from your mobile device or computer onto the bigger display. 


In this article, we’ve also explored what makes a Samsung Smart television different from a regular set. We’ve also told you a few ways to access smart technologies on an older model. 

Hopefully, you’ve gained all the valuable insights and can now decide to update your TV for more advanced features offered in the latest Samsung models.


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