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Plusnet HUB Flashing Orange Light: What Does This Mean

If your Plusnet hub is flashing an orange light or any other color, it can be helpful to know what each one means and how to troubleshoot it.

To get started, find out what type of router you have, and then check out our super helpful guide.

Why is my Plusnet hub flashing an orange light?

The orange flashing light on your Plusnet hub is the same across all of their routers. It means that your router is working, but the broadband signal cannot be detected. To fix the Plusnet hub flashing orange light, make sure the grey ends of your cable are plugged in. If you’re using a filter, also make sure this is plugged in correctly. If either of these is not correctly fitted, you can expect to see this light.

How do I fix an orange light flashing on my Plusnet hub?

If you’re having issues with the Plusnet hub one not working, it will vary from the light your router is showing to the resolution of your problem. Here are some of the most common errors with Hub One, and how to fix them can be found below:

The power light is orange

If the power light on your hub is orange, this is different from a flashing orange light. The problem is somewhere in your setup. However, to find out where it is, type into a browser and check if the status is coming back as disconnected. Not to worry if it is, though, as you can simply click connect. However, if the orange light remains on and you don’t see the option to connect, Plusnet advises getting in touch with their support team, as it may be a faulty router.

Broadband light is red

A common issue on Plusnet is the broadband light being red. This means that you’ve tried to log in with the wrong username and password. Once you’ve done this, you will have to reset your router to its original settings. You should find a reset button on the back of your router. Use something small like a pin or paper clip to press the button for around 15 seconds. Then leave your router to start up. Everything will return to its original settings so that you can use the details on the bottom of the router again.

Green light or flashing green

The green light means that your hub is starting up, allow a few minutes for this to happen.

Blue light

Finally, the blue light is a good sign, and it means your hub is working fine. If you can’t get online, it’s worth seeing if you have the issue on another device as it may be due to the device instead of the internet itself.

What is a 2704n router Plusnet?

The Plusnet router called ‘2704’ is provided to customers who have standard broadband. It has replaced the old outdated Technicolor 582. Not only is the new Plusnet Zero (2704n) router more attractive. It also offers better technology and lower energy consumption than older models.

If you sign up for Fibre Broadband, you will be sent the Plusnet Hub One instead.

Some common error lights you may notice on your Plusnet Hub Zero are:

  • Power button red – your router couldn’t start up and went into recovery mode
  • Power green- means your router is all good to go
  • If your internet light is off or red, it means there is no connection, but if it is green, it’s connected.
  • Flashing green on the router means it’s transferring data

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Plusnet Smart Hub 2 lights guide

Image by Jorge Guillen from Pixabay

If you have the latest hub from Plusnet, the Smart Hub 2, you can expect a variety of coloured lights for errors. If you’re unsure what the light on your router means, here’s a rundown of the different coloured lights and what they imply:

  • Blue- your hub is connected to the internet and working fine
  • Orange – your hub is receiving a broadband signal but can’t connect to the internet
  • No light- the hub is likely to be unplugged or turned off
  • Red – There’s a problem somewhere in your setup
  • Green- your hub is starting up; as long as it doesn’t stay green, this is fine
  • Pink – your hub is in Bridge Mode, which means it has been set to Modem Mode only.
  • Flashing Orange – Your hub is working, but the broadband signal can’t be detected

What does the flashing blue WPS button mean

If you’ve noticed a flashing blue light on the WPS button, it is waiting for you to press the button on your computer/device. You can find this happens with TV too. Press the button on your device whilst it is flashing on the router, which should connect the two devices.

What is the 582n router?

The 582n router is now outdated, so Plusnet no longer provides it. Previously the other name for the 582n router was Technicolor 582. But it has more recently been overhauled and turned into the Smart Hub Zero. If you have this router, you can speak to Plusnet about upgrading to a new router.

How to manage your Plusnet hub settings

plusnet hub settings

If you’re looking to update your Plusnet hub, here’s how to access your settings:

  1. Type in into a browser such as Chrome or Safari. Then click enter.
  2. Once you’ve done this, you will be taken to your settings page
  3. There will be an admin hub password, which you can find on the bottom/ the back of your router
  4. This will be required to make changes such as Wi-Fi name or Wi-Fi password.
  5. You can also resolve broadband problems via this by clicking the help tile on the menu screen.

If you’re having issues with your device, feel free to reach out to us at Help Fix That, and we’d love to provide help for you.


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