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Reddit App Not Loading Comments? 5 Possible Reasons Why

Reddit App Not Loading Comments? 5 Possible Reasons Why

Are you using the Reddit app on your Android or iOS device, but it’s not loading the comments section of various posts? Are you experiencing the same issue on the subreddit posts as well?

This guide will show you how you can troubleshoot the comments section of the Reddit app and get the app working again. 

Reddit app is available for Android and iOS devices. However, quite a few users report that they can not view the comments section underneath different posts and lose their place in the Reddit feed.

Therefore, the users can’t contribute their thoughts, experience, and solutions. Let’s find out why the problem occurs with the app.

Why does the Reddit app not load comments?

If the comments section on the Reddit app is not loading under the posts, it could be due to any one of the following reasons.

  • Reddit servers are down due to technical errors or system upgrades.
  • You have turned off the Reduce award animations feature in Reddit settings.
  • There is a temporary issue with the communication or application modules of your device.
  • You are using an outdated version of the Reddit app.
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How do I fix the Reddit app not loading comments?

Check Reddit servers

Believe it or not, most Reddit app issues occur due to server issues.

You may have been trying to use the app at the time when the Reddit service is experiencing an outage.

Therefore, before attempting our other fixes in this guide, we recommend that you check the Reddit server status and make sure the servers are all functional.

If the servers are down, no matter what you do at your end to fix the issue, you’ll only get the app working again after the Reddit technicians resolve the issue at their end.

Sign out and into Reddit

If the Reddit servers are fully operational and the comments still won’t load, another solution is to attempt signing out and signing back into the Reddit app. To do this on Android and iOS devices:

  • Launch the Reddit app on your device and tap on the Profile button on the upper left side of the screen.
  • Next, expand the accounts list and tap on the exit icon on the right.
  • Finally, tap on the Log out option and close the app.

Now to sign back into the app, do the following steps.

  • Relaunch the app and navigate to the Profile section.
  • Tap on the Sign-up/Log in button, and tap on the login option at the bottom.
  • Finally, enter your login credentials and tap on the Continue button.

Afterward, go to a post and verify that the comments section is visible.

Turn On and Off Airplane mode

Sometimes, internet settings on your device may malfunction and cause issues with your installed applications. A quick way to rectify network issues is to turn on and off the Airplane mode.

To do this, swipe down the notification bar from your Android or iPhone home screen. Next, tap on the Airplane mode to turn it on and then tap again to turn it off.

A few users successfully got their Reddit app comments section working again by first restarting their device before turning ON and OFF the Airplane mode. We recommend that you consider trying this too.

Reset your device

If restarting the Android or iOS device and toggling Airplane mode didn’t resolve the comments not loading, you may have to reset your device to fix the temporary glitch completely. To do this on an Android device, go to Settings –> Additional Settings –> Back up and reset, and tap on Erase all data (Factory reset).

iOS users can do it by navigating to the Settings –> General tab –> Reset, and then tap on Erase All Content and Settings.

Update Reddit app

If the Reddit app comments are still not loading, you need to ensure running the most recent Reddit app version on your device. An updated app version may already have a patch for numerous app errors. To update the app:

  • Tap on the Google Play Store or App Store on your device.
  • Type Reddit in the search box.
  • Next, see if an update option is available next to the app.
  • Finally, download the update and see if that fixes the comments issue.

How do I turn on Reduce award animations on Reddit?

A lot of Reddit app users posted a viable fix for the comments loading issue. It has something to do with the Reduce award animations feature within the app. By enabling the feature, the app users got their comments section back and their feeds working again.

Refer to the following steps to turn on the Reduce award animations on an Android or iOS device.

  • First, tap on the Reddit app on your Home screen menu.
  • Now tap on your Profile at the upper left corner and select Settings.
  • Next, go to the Reduce award animations feature under the View Options.
  • Finally, move the slider to the right to turn on the feature.

Now, restart the Reddit app and verify that the comments load under every post.

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So you’ve downloaded the Reddit app on your Android or iOS device for ease of use. But now, you are facing specific issues that are robbing you of the best user experience.

We hope that this guide has helped you dig out the reasons for the Reddit app comments loading issue and provided you with a few fixes to get the app working again.


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