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Shudder Won’t Cast To TV: How To Fix Your Apps Display

Shudder Won’t Cast To TV: How To Fix Your Apps Display

If Shudder won’t cast to your TV, your television may have a firmware issue that is interfering with your device accepting a cast request from a different platform.

If you make use of a Chromecast device and you have not configured it correctly, this can prevent Shudder from being shown on your TV screen.

A quick update of the Shudder app or a reset on your Wifi router will help fix the casting error on your mobile device. Did you know Shudder requires a download speed of at least 6Mbps to be able to stream without any playback issues?

In this guide, we will advise on the reasons why Shudder won’t cast to your TV, and what steps you can take to rectify this problem. We will also touch base on how you can cast to a Samsung TV, and how many devices you can stream Shudder on simultaneously.

Why won’t Shudder cast to my TV?

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Shudder won’t cast to your TV if there is a performance issue that prevents your mobile device from transmitting the necessary data to your TV. The service has previously noted this is a ‘bug’ that interferes with the Shudder hosting on the web. Its known to specifically effect the app on mobile devices, and will stop the program from showing via a casting device.

Other reasons that will effect Shudder to cast to your TV include;

Incompatible device

If you make use of a Chromecast device, you may be trying to cast Shudder TV from an incompatible device.

You are unable to cast from the Shudder app on an iOS or Android device. It is only available from a web browser.

Different Wifi networks

Shudder won’t cast to your TV if your mobile device connects to a different Wifi network than the one your TV is paired to. Your internet connection needs to be the same for both platforms, otherwise your casting device will be unable to find your device.

Outdated Shudder app

If the Shudder app on your device is old, this could be a cause for the app to not be displayed on your TV screen. The online streaming service will continuously update the app to get rid of performance related issues.

If you stay on an old version, connection issues will start and can end up becoming incompatible with the Shudder server.

Overloaded network

Do you have multiple different devices that connect to the same Wifi router? An overloaded network connection will decrease the amount of bandwidth your devices will receive, and interfere with Shudder casting successfully.

The streaming service requires a minimum download speed of 6Mbps. If the app cannot contain this, Shudder won’t cast to a TV or it may start to experience buffering issues.

Cast device not set up correctly

If you do not configure your cast device correctly, it won’t pick up your mobile device or computer to display Shudder on your TV screen.

Corrupt cache files

Every time you launch Shudder from your browser, cache files will download and get stored on your device. This is to quicken loading times and improve the performance of the app.

If the data on your device is corrupt, it will interfere with the program casting to your TV.

How to fix Shudder won’t cast to TV

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If there is a performance issue with the video service that is due to a bug within the Shudder database, it will effect how well your app connects to the server. If your device’s request to access Shudder is unsuccessful, you won’t be able to cast to your TV. Shudder technicians will need to fix this problem, however, you will be able to check the service status to stay up to date with the performance of the app.

If the Shudder server is not down, you will be able to troubleshoot your devices to help rectify Shudder from not casting to your TV;

Use a web browser

Shudder won’t cast to TV if you use the Shudder app on an iOS or Android device. You will need to access your profile through your web browser either on your PC or mobile.

Check Wifi networks are the same

Make sure your TV and smart device are connected to the same Wifi network. If they are on a different internet connection, update the internet connection on one of the devices.

Try and cast your Shudder app to your TV again.

Update Shudder app

Update your Shudder app to ensure it operates on the latest available version. This will get rid of any performance related issues or any errors that interfere with your casting connection.

Go to your app store and check to see if there is an ‘update’ option available. If there is, click on it and allow the download to take place.

Tip, restart your device before you try and cast again.

Disconnect other devices

If you have many devices that connect to the same network, disconnect them to help improve the bandwidth speed your casting device will receive.

Once you remove any other devices that connect to your Wifi network, run a speed test on your internet to ensure you receive at least 6Mbps.

Reconfigure cast device

If you did not set up your cast device correctly before, this could be why Shudder won’t cast to your TV. Reconfigure your device to ensure it is paired to your TV correctly.

Clear cache files

Clear the browser cache files off of your device to get rid of the faulty data and clear up space. This will fix your Shudder app from not casting to your TV.

Before you try and cast the app again to your TV screen, restart your device.

How many devices can use Shudder?

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Shudder won’t cast to your TV if you already have your account active on a different device. The Shudder app will only allow you to stream on one device at any given time. You will be able to log into your profile on more than one device, however, you won’t be able to play a video at the same time. If you share your credentials and they are active on your Shudder app when you try and cast to your TV, it will not work.

If you purchase Shudder through Amazon Prime or YouTube, you will be able to stream concurrently on more than one device.

YouTube TV will allow you to stream on three different devices at the same time. This is the same for Amazon Prime. If you get the Shudder app through a third party program, you won’t have access to Shudder’s live feeds.

How do I cast Shudder to my Samsung Smart TV?

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If you have Samsung smart TV that is a 2018 model or newer, you will be able to download the Shudder app onto your device. If however, you have an older model, you will still be able to cast Shudder from your mobile device. For a successful pairing between your two platforms, make sure your Samsung TV and smartphone connect to the same Wifi network.

To cast Shudder from your device to your Samsung TV follow these simple steps;

Step 1. Launch your Shudder app and log in

Step 2. Choose a program you want to watch and push play

Step 3. Click on the cast icon

You should now be given the option to select your Samsung smart TV.


With this easy-to-follow guide, we hope you can now understand why Shudder won’t cast to your TV and that you were able to fix this display issue with one of the easy solutions provided.

If the issue persists, you may have a hardware issue with your casting device or your TV. For an app-related problem, you can contact Shudder directly by filling out their support ticket.


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