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Sky Q Error Code MR104: Fix The Common Connectivity Issue

Sky Q Error Code MR104: Fix The Common Connectivity Issue

If you’re encountering Sky Q error code MR104 or a ‘there is a connectivity problem’ message, then this guide is here to help.

The Sky Q system uses an impressive combination of 5GHz and 2.4GHz to send signals between the router and all of the different boxes, and to your wifi-enabled devices. Every Sky Q TV box or booster runs through a dedicated wireless mesh network as a solution to provide better wifi to your home.

If you are experiencing error code MR104, there is likely a connection issue between your Sky Q box and the mini boxes around your home.

Here are some quick and easy steps to fix the issue.

What is Sky Q Code Error MR104?

Error code MR104 indicates there is a connectivity issue between your Sky Q Box and the other Sky Q mini boxes within your house.

The main Sky Q Box is used to establish a wifi connection and then it’s distributed to the mini boxes around the house. If the connection fails then error code MR104 will appear.

Here are some possible reasons the connectivity error occurs:

  • Faulty internet connection
  • Sky Q Box is too far away from the mini boxes
  • Eco saving mode is switched on 
  • The box is configured incorrectly

Now that we’ve looked at the possible causes for error MR104, let’s take a look at some of the ways to fix the Sky MR104 error.

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Fix 1: Reset your Sky Q Box

Often the best place to start is to reset your Sky Q box, as this usually fixes the MR104 issue in the majority of instances. 

To reset your Sky Q Box: 

  • On your Sky Q remote, press the Home button
  • Find Settings
  • Press ‘001‘ on your remote and tap Select
  • The reset option should now appear on your screen. Select ‘Reset‘ followed by ‘Reset Hard Drive
  • Press Select to continue
  • Once the reboot has finished, press the Standby button located on the front of your Sky Q box

Your Sky Q Box will now have successfully been reset to its factory settings.

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Fix 2: Turn eco mode OFF

By default, your Sky Q box will be set to eco mode to save power consumption. Although this is the recommended setting by Sky, it can sometimes cause connectivity problems with your Sky Q box.

To prevent this, you can change your standby settings to either active or none.

Instructions for changing your standby settings:

  • On your Sky Q remote control, press the Home button
  • Tap Settings followed by Setup
  • Select Preferences and then Standby Mode to select the settings you want
  • Choose either ‘Active‘ or ‘None

Fix 3: Check your network settings

Of course, a faulty internet connection can also be causing the MR104 error to appear.

Your Sky Q Box should be connected to the internet via a 2.4GHz network. To check that it is, head to Settings > Network setup > Status. If you are seeing your home network displayed then you are all set up correctly. If not, you will need to reset your network settings. Tap Reset followed by Confirm.

Choose non-sky broadband and then choose your network from the list.

Continue with the next steps until your box is connected to the internet.

If there are no faults with your connection you could try moving your mini boxes within closer proximity to the main Sky Q box.

Fix 4: Reinstall the app

If you’re still having trouble, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Sky Go app. To do this, go to the Control Panel on your PC and select “Uninstall a program.” Find Sky Go in the list and click “Uninstall.”

Once it’s uninstalled, restart your computer and then download the latest version of the app from Sky’s website.

Fix 5: Move miniboxes closer to the main Sky box

If your main Sky box is too far away from the miniboxes then it can cause connectivity issues and result in an MR104 error message.

Make sure to place and position the miniboxes as close as you can to the Sky main box while removing any obstructions that could potentially be blocking the signal.

Sky Q Mini Box Error Mr104

Bottom Line

All in all, it seems that the Sky Q Mini Box Error MR104 is a pesky one and can be quite frustrating. We have provided a few solutions to the Sky Q Mini Box Error MR104.

Hopefully one of these worked for you and your box is now up and running again. If not, keep trying until you find a fix that works for you – or contact Sky customer services for further assistance.


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