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Sky Q Error Code MR102: 6 Quick & Easy Solutions

Does the Sky Q error code MR102 keep showing on your Sky Q Mini Box (Sky Q) when you want to kick back and relax? Don’t panic – your time to unwind is no longer a mere dream away.

If you’re currently frustrated by not being able to watch Sky television, access a ton of apps or use your voice control device over the error code MR102, keep reading.

What is the Error Code MR102?

The MR102 error shows when least convenient. It usually makes an appearance over connection issues with the Main Sky Q Box or being accidentally put into a different mode.

The MR102 error shows on a blue screen, asking two ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ questions followed by advice, saying:

  1. “Is this the first time you’re setting up this box at home?”
  2. “Have you recently changed your broadband router?”
  3. “Please reboot your broadband router. Then check all of your Sky Q products are not powered off by making sure the power on the box is amber or green. For help press (?)”

Rebooting the Sky Q Mini Box

To reboot the system, click Home Page > Settings > Network > Setup > Reset.

Your network connection should automatically reboot, followed by an option to connect to your required network.

After clicking the required network, the box should flash amber/red before turning green for approximately 30 seconds. Once green, your connection is successful.

Rebooting may also be necessary if your mini box has automatically connected to the Mesh Network when unable to connect to the home Wi-Fi.

Reposition the Sky Q Router

If your internet shows a lousy connection, it’s worth repositioning the Sky Q router in case of electrical interference.

Ensure clutter isn’t surrounding the device and it’s at a distance from other wireless devices (games consoles, phones and speakers). Being close to electric items such as microwaves and washing machines can also be the cause of an unstable connection.

Another common issue includes a channel clash with another Wi-Fi router. Check it’s not close to a Wi-Fi router to avoid confusing the device.

Connect to the Main Sky Q Box

If the connection is unsuccessful nonetheless, try connecting on the Main Sky Q Box by pressing Home > Settings > Status.

To confirm the error code has gone, click Watch > Reactivate > Confirm on your Sky Q Mini Box.

Re-establish Your IP Address

Although, without an IP Address, your broadband will not be able to identify you. First, check whether or not you need to re-establish the IP address. If the IP address is untraceable, it could have been expired or swiped during the reset/reboot.

If your lease has expired, you can easily add a Static IP address to your plan for $10 through My Account or by contacting Sky

Although, if the IP address is lost, follow these steps to install it manually: 

  • Type 192.168.01 into the browser
  • Enter your log-in details once automatically transferred to the log-in page
  • Access your router settings
  • View all IP addresses
  • Click on your reliable IP address 
  • Connect. 

Check the Sky Q Device Mode

Differently, the connection issue could be regarding the device ‘miraculously’ going into Eco Mode. Luckily, switching back to its usual setting is easy enough. Grab your remote and scroll to Settings > Setup > Select Preferences > Standby > None.

Solving VPN Connection Issues

Issues are likely to continue showing over connection issues. If using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to secure your networks, the security protection platform is prone to blocking access to specific websites and apps, as well as slowing down users. Make sure the VPN suitably connects to Sky. If not, turn the VPN off (depending on which country you are in), or change to a better-suited server.  


Your Sky Q Mini Box could be showing the MR102 error for numerous reasons, including where the router is situated, connection to Mesh Network, the IP address is lost, the device is in Eco-Friendly mode or WiFi issues.

The most effective strategy depends on the circumstance. Follow the above advice for a successful connection. If still no luck, contact Sky Support.

Alternatively, it might be time to install a Sky Q Wi-Fi booster between both the Main Sky Q Box and the Sky Q Mini Box. The booster is free, but an engineer will need to pay a home visit to install it.