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Sony Bravia Red Light Flashing Four Times? Quick Solutions

Sony Bravia Red Light Flashing Four Times? Quick Solutions

There has been a surge of Sony Bravia customers experiencing a red light flashing four times and turning itself off which is a clear sign something is wrong.

In this article, we’ll explain why this is happening to your TV unit and in what ways you can fix this issue before taking it for repairs.

Why is my Sony Bravia turning itself off and flashing red?

The Sony Bravia turning itself off is a big giveaway that there might be a major error somewhere on your TV.

Blinking a certain number of times indicates what model your TV is, and there could be up to eight flashes.

If it were to blink eight times then there is a special reset needed but if you’re seeing only four flashes, it could be an easy fix.

How to fix my Sony Bravia TV red light flashing four times?

  • Turn the TV off and back on, and leave it for three minutes to allow it to reset.
  • If blinking persists, then clear any vents or slots to allow good airflow around the TV.
  • If that doesn’t work then turn the TV off again and unplug all connections to it and then reconnect to try again.

However, if this has not worked, we recommend you get in contact with Sony customer support. They can help you repair your TV over the phone or help you find an engineer.

What if your Sony Bravia has green and orange lights blinking?

A solid orange light would mean your TV is on a set timer. However, a blinking orange light indicates a software update in the process. The green light, on the other hand, is usually solid when the turn on the TV

When a green and orange light starts to blink, it also means there is a software update taking place that is having issues completing.

Simply unplugging the TV for three to five minutes and then plugging it back in should be enough to sort any blinking lights out.


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