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TikTok Username Available But Taken – Fix

TikTok Username Available But Taken – Fix

Are you trying to switch your TikTok username (that you really like) from one account to another, and although it is available, the platform says it is already taken by someone else? Does the same issue happen when you register on TikTok for a new account?

Today, we’ll explain why you are seeing this error and let you in on some potential fixes for this frustrating issue. 

Why is the TikTok username available but already taken?

If a TikTok username is available in the searches (Green approval), but the platform says it’s taken while you try to claim it, this can mainly happen due to two main reasons.

One major reason is that the TikTok database updates a bit late for the changes to take effect. The platform forces you to wait for a few days to complete the transition of username from old to new account.

The second reason can be that you are using TikTok on a browser. There might be some compatibility or other technical issues leading to the claim failure for a specific username. 

How do I fix the TikTok username available but taken?

Wait A Few Days

Have you deleted/deactivated your TikTok account or changed its username? Now, you want to use the old username with a new account, which is available, but you can’t claim/take it? 

Well, you have to wait up to two weeks for the TikTok database to update and realize the changes. During this time, the platform throws an error message while you are switching usernames. 

Therefore, just keep trying every other day, and eventually, TikTok will change it!

However, there’s a catch!

If your TikTok has been inactive for more than six months or you’ve changed the username of your current account, the previous name becomes immediately available for claim. 

Anyone looking for that name can get it if you miss out on searching for it in the transition of renaming the new account to the old one.   

Now, in case you are experiencing this issue with a new account, you need to create an email ID (Gmail) with the first name being your desired username. Make sure NOT to enter your last name. 

creating email for tiktok

Next, create a TikTok account with that specific email ID, and it should let you assign the username whatever you want it to be. 

Use TikTok App

While using TikTok on a desktop browser, a few users couldn’t register a username even if it yielded no matching results under any content or users and saw a “404 page not found” error. 

To fix this, download the TikTok app on your mobile and sign in with your existing credentials. Next, select your username on the app platform, and you should be able to claim it without further issues.  

NOTE: It’s possible that the username you are searching for is banned, and somehow, this makes it available but stops you from taking it.  

Can I get a TikTok username that’s already taken?

TikTok may make some usernames of accounts available that are inactive for 180 or more days. This gives you an idea about how to claim a username you want to for so long. 

One way to confirm the availability is to recheck that specific TikTok account. If the username shows random numbers, it’s up for grabs!

How do I get a TikTok username that has already been taken?

A TikTok user can give you the username for free or may ask you to pay for it. But the process can be tough. When both parties agree and the user changes their username, it must go through the transition stage to become available and for you to take it.

You need to check for availability every other day. Otherwise, someone with the same intentions as yours can claim it without you even knowing about it.   

However, contacting an inactive TikTok account user whose name you want to use is tiresome. They may never reply or respond to your messages. Even if they do, their account will become active again and may result in failure to convince them to give you their username.

In this scenario, you can try filing a claim with TikTok. Let them know how crucial that username is for you and your brand. If you can convince them, they may agree to give you the username of the inactive account.  

TIP: If nothing works, contact an agency with expertise in claiming the inactive TikTok username of your choice within a month. 

What are the requirements for TikTok username?

Whenever creating a username or switching it with another TikTok account, you should follow these recommendations:   

  • Your platform username has a maximum 24-character limit.
  • The username can only contain numbers, letters, periods, and underscores. 
  • You can only change your TikTok username every 30 days.


In this article, we’ve discussed why your desired TikTok username is available but shown as taken. We’ve also discussed a couple of ways to troubleshoot this annoying glitch.

We hope that you can now change your username to whatever you like the most. And now you have the opportunity to engage better with your followers through your handle!


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