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5 Ways To Check If Hisense TV Is Original

5 Ways To Check If Hisense TV Is Original

There are several ways to check if a Hisense TV you have bought or intend to buy is original.

In this detailed guide, we’ll show you multiple ways to do these checks. We’ll also let you know where to buy the authentic Hisense product.  

How do I check if my Hisense TV is original or not?

Check the Packaging

The first thing to check is to examine the packaging thoroughly. 

The writing on the original TV box is grammatically error-free. The Hisense logo is engraved with clarity, without any blur. However, the look and feel of the counterfeit unit are somewhat substandard, and slot gacor hari ini the markers are placed in odd places. 

While at the store, you can compare the TV packaging with others and make up your mind accordingly whether to buy one. 

Verify Hisense TV Serial Number

All Hisense TVs have a serial number to identify their authenticity. You can find the serial number in the following way.

TV’s Back:

Your Hisense TV has a white sticker located at the back of it with the device’s serial number in clear print. 

Packaging Box:

If you have the TV box, you can also find a sticker with the serial number on the top, bottom, or sides of the packaging.

Device Settings:

If you don’t have the original box or the TV is mounted to the wall, and you can’t read the serial number, you can check it through the Settings menu. To do this:

  • Press “Menu” on the remote that comes with your Hisense TV.
  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Select “Support.”
  • Select “System Info.”
  • Note the serial number under “Version.”


When you buy the Hisense TV, the store gives you an invoice where the serial number is printed. You can also find it on the warranty card. 

After knowing the serial number, you can quickly verify it on the Hisense product registration website

Simply type the serial number, first name, last name, email, ZIP code, phone number, where, and on which date you purchased the TV. Upload the receipt as well and click “Register.” If your Hisense TV is original, it will successfully register with the company, and you’ll have your piece of mind.

Otherwise, it is probably fake. You need to escalate the matter and return the product to the store by giving them the reason for the verification issue. 

You can also call Hisense TV customer support directly at 1-888-935-8880, provide them with the serial number, and let them verify the product for you.

Examine the Components & Build Quality

The original Hisense TV’s back has many component plugins for various purposes and is colored in different colors.  

You need to examine these plugins with the owner’s manual and match the consistency,  color pattern, and labeling. Also, make sure that the cables fit at the back correctly and that there are no loose alignments in the ports with correct labeling.

If you don’t feel the quality of the components and conflicts in color variations, this probably indicates that you have bought a fake TV. 

Furthermore, original Hisense TVs are very durable, and their functions work flawlessly. On the other hand, a fake TV usually doesn’t give you the feel of a solid build. 

Compare the TV Features

The original Hisense TV has more features than the counterfeit unit, and the software performs optimally. 

Therefore, it is best to carefully compare your TV’s features with the exact ones listed on the Hisense website. If you see any missing information, well, you’ve got your answer. 

Another indicator is the Hisense TV features. Any lag in the features (some may even not function), the installed apps failing to let you log in and work, or resolution issues can further attest to the fact that the TV is indeed fake. 

Compare the Price

You can also compare the price of your Hisense TV with the Hisense website or authorized dealers with the one that you’ve bought it from. If you think the deal is a steal, be sure that nothing comes cheaper than the marketed price.

Of course, there can be discounts, but a $200 or more margin is sometimes too good to be true. 

Where do I buy an original Hisense TV?

You should always buy a Hisense TV from the authorized store. You can find the list of these stores on the Hisense website. 

This is the only way to have peace of mind regarding the product’s authenticity.

Many local stores may convince you the Hisense TVs they have are refurbished ones. The lower build quality, unorthodox design, and less resolution are deliberate. But that’s all a hoax. Sellers on many online stores do the same thing to trick you into buying the refurbished product. 

However, fake TVs are just electronic and are not genuine. You can think of it as a clone. However, you will face severe issues while registering it on the manufacturer’s website. The price may be too good, but returns or repairs will be a pain. 


In this article, we’ve explored 5 ways to check if the Hisense TV you bought or intend to buy is original or fake. This includes checking the packaging, verifying your TV serial number on the Hisense website, examining its features and components, and taking the price element into consideration.

Hopefully, you can now choose a genuine Hisense TV for your space with assurity that you’ve invested in a real product.


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