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Is Your Tinder Account Banned For No Reason? Here’s How To Get It Back

Is Your Tinder Account Banned For No Reason? Here’s How To Get It Back

Getting banned from one of the most popular dating sites isn’t ideal, and to make it even worse, what if it was for no reason?

If you’ve been banned from Tinder, you’ll get a notification when attempting to sign into your account. If your account is under review, this means your account has been reported by multiple users and is currently under investigation.

Although this is frustrating, we have compiled some helpful tips and tricks to help you get unbanned if your Tinder account was banned for no reason.

Why was my Tinder account banned for no reason?

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Firstly, it’s unlikely your account will be banned for no reason. Typically, accounts are terminated if the terms and conditions are breached. Some of the most common reasons Tinder might close your account include:

  • Pretending you are someone else
  • Inappropriate language and comments
  • Scamming
  • Racism and sexism
  • Sharing unwanted and inappropriate images
  • Being homophobic
  • Spamming
  • Lying about your age when you signed up
  • Third-party apps

Can I dispute my Tinder account being banned?

Tinder offers an appeal process where you can dispute the decision if your account was banned. If it is your first account that has been banned, they may reconsider. Although, if it’s not, you’ll have a more challenging time convincing support to give you access to your account.

Depending on what your account was banned for, it will depend on how likely you will be able to get it overturned.

How to appeal to get my Tinder account unbanned?

In order to submit an appeal to Tinder, you need to make a polite appeal to the Tinder Support Team. However, most appeals get rejected. But if you’re serious about getting the issue resolved and you are adamant you didn’t break the rules, it’s worth speaking to someone who can help at Tinder. If you’re looking to speak to a human about this, you can seek further assistance by emailing

Be sure to be as detailed as possible whilst keeping your email short. After all, they have a lot of appeals to work through. Sadly you won’t always get a reply, and if you still don’t hear back after a month, it’s safe to say you probably won’t.

If you are unable to regain access to your account, it’s time to move on to the next step. Making a new account.

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Is it possible to make a new Tinder?

It is possible to make a new Tinder account. However, you will need to take some additional steps.

New sim card

Unfortunately, if you have your phone number already linked with your Tinder account, setting up a new one will require a new phone number/sim card. These can easily be bought and topped up; nevertheless, if you ever forget your password or need a one-time code to sign in, you will need to switch to your other sim unless you have a phone which allows a dual sim.

If you’re looking for a free sim, you can get these from providers such as giffgaff and Three.

Make a new Facebook account.

If you’re looking for a free alternative, why not make a new Facebook profile? Unlike the sim card method, no money is involved. However, you do need to set up a whole new Facebook. Whether you plan to switch everything over or have a few friends on a new account, you can log in via Facebook instead of mobile.

Top tip: Make sure not to link your Instagram if it was attached to your old account.

How do I cancel Tinder gold when banned?

If you purchased your subscription through Apple Appstore or the Google Play Store, you can access your subscriptions via your devices subscriptions page (located in the settings menu) and cancel it there. Please note that deleting your Tinder account may not stop the subscription.

If you are unsure how to find subscriptions on your device, here are the steps to cancel them on Google Play Store and Apple.

Cancel Tinder Gold for the apple store

  • Open up your settings by searching it in the top bar or finding it in your apps.
  • Click on settings, then tap your name at the top.
  • You will then be taken to a page that shows what you’ve purchased on your phone.
  • Next, click on the page for subscriptions, and you should see it in the list of active subscriptions.
  • Choose Tinder Gold, then click cancel subscription, and it will stay active until the end of the month that you’ve paid for
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How to cancel Tinder Gold on Google Play Store

  • Open your phone, head to Play Store.
  • Tap the three lines at the top of the sidebar menu
  • Click subscriptions, then find your Tinder Gold subscription
  • Select cancel subscription at the bottom

Why is my Tinder account under review?

Your Tinder account will be placed under review if it has been reported by several users on multiple occasions. It is placed under review while the Tinder support team reviews your account.

Whilst under review, your account will be assessed and made sure that none of the T&Cs are breached. If your account has not yet been assessed, it’s only a matter of time.


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