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Why Is My Number Banned From Telegram

Why Is My Number Banned From Telegram

Are you wondering why your number is banned from Telegram and you can’t log into your account? 

In this detailed guide, we’ll explain the reasons for this problem and how you can get the phone number unbanned and access your account.

Why was my phone number banned on Telegram?

If you got a ban on your phone number from Telegram and you cannot access your account, one of the following might be the reason for this issue. 

Using Used or Virtual Phone Number

It is possible that your phone number was previously used by someone else who violated Telegram’s Terms of Service. Due to this, the platform won’t let you create an account with that specific number or ban it after some time. 

NOTE: Violating the Terms of Service can also cause a ban on your Bumble account without letting you know the reason. for no reason.

This usually happens if your network provider has reassigned an already existing number to your contract after a previous contract with the other customer expires.  

IMPORTANT: Many users also report that Telegram restricts their account after some time if they are using a virtual number.

Account Reported By Multiple Users

Quite often, too many people report your behavior for things like bullying and harassment. This triggers the Telegram algorithm to investigate further, which often results in a ban on your number or account. 

Spammy or Scammy Behaviour

Telegram has an automated algorithm in place that identifies and prevents spam and scams on the platform. It might temporarily or permanently ban your number if you are using your account for any sign of suspicious activities, such as:

  • Sending DM to others in a really short amount of time.
  • Using too many emojis, stickers, or GIFs.
  • Constantly reporting others.
  • Using swear words. 
  • Trying to trick other users into giving you their personal information or money. 

These measures are in place to uphold the integrity of the platform and ensure a positive user experience for all members.

NOTE: If you use your number to create multiple Telegram accounts, it can cause a permanent ban.

Illegal Activities or Sharing Explicit Content

Telegram strictly prohibits any activities that violate the law or promote harmful content. These include:

  • Promoting violence on public channels or bots.
  • Selling drugs
  • Sharing pirated media files.
  • Sending intimidating or threatening messages to others.
  • Posting pornographic content.
  • Engaging in hate speeches.

If someone reports your account for these activities or the Telegram algorithm detects them, the platform will instantly restrict your account and ban your phone number without any prior warning notice.  

Violating the Age Restrictions

Telegram has enforced a minimum age requirement for individuals signing up on its platform. Although its app is suitable for users ages 12+ on the App Store and Play Store, some countries require you to be at least 16+ when creating an account. 

Therefore, if you join Telegram before meeting the legal age requirements, you’ll violate its ToS, which will result in a ban on your number.   

NOTE: Violating the minimum age requirements may also lead Tinder to ban your account for no reason.

Using Bots to Automate Actions On Telegram

Although Telegram allows bots for various purposes, the platform has strict guidelines against automated actions that can negatively impact the user experience. Sometimes, these automated responses can trigger a ban, and you cannot access your profile anymore.

Using a VPN or Proxy Server

You may have been using a VPN or proxy server to access Telegram. Usually, this doesn’t violate their terms of service. However, Telegram can detect a particular IP already associated with suspicious activities and ban your account and the number in the process.

Account Security

If you try to access your Telegram account from multiple locations or devices within a short timeframe, the platform may flag this as a security risk and temporarily ban your number.

How can I stop Telegram from banning my number?

Unfortunately, you cannot stop Telegram from banning your phone number. As long as you are following the platform’s ToS, you are good to go, but if you violate them repeatedly, you’ll suffer the consequences.

However, you can recover your Telegram account and unban your number by contacting them with these three ways to relay your concerns.

Send Email to Telegram

You can directly send an email to Telegram to unban your account through the “This Phone Number Is Banned” pop-up message on your screen. Here’s how:

  • Open the “Telegram” app.
  • Try to log in.
  • Click “Help” under the “This Phone Number is Banned” message.

Telegram will then automatically redirect you to your mailing app, and auto-generated mail will appear on the screen. You can send this mail as-is or add some more information and click the “Send” icon.

The Telegram team will reinvestigate your account and may decide to unban your number.

Submit A Ticket

Another way to request an unban appeal to Telegram support is to submit a ticket by following these steps:

  • Open a browser (on your phone or PC).
  • Go to the “Telegram Support” page.
  • Type in the details of your issue in the given field.
  • Provide your email and phone number.
  • Click “Submit.”

The support team will go through your appeal afterward and, hopefully, unban the number for you.

Contact Telegram Support Via Twitter

You can also reach out to Telegram Support through their X (Twitter) account. Simply go to the Telegram Login Help page and send them a message to unban your account.

The team will contact you back to discuss your issue and may provide a definitive fix.


In this comprehensive article, we’ve explored why your number is banned from Telegram and how you can tackle this problem without much hassle.

Hopefully, you’ve found this guide helpful and can now resume communication with friends, family, and colleagues on Telegram.


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