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TP-Link Router Disconnects Frequently? 6 Ways To Fix It

TP-Link Router Disconnects Frequently? 6 Ways To Fix It

It can be frustrating if your TP-Link router disconnects frequently, especially if you are in the middle of something important. 

Your TP-Link router may disconnect frequently because of incompatibility issues, a weak signal, interferences, or software issues. If your router disconnects because of incompatibility or software issues, you can resolve this by updating your firmware or resetting your router. If it is due to interferences or a weak signal, check your cables and connections or restart your router.

If you are still experiencing problems with your router disconnecting, contact your ISP for further assistance. In this post, we will explore these troubleshooting steps to get your TP-Link router back online.

Why Does My TP-Link Router Keep Disconnecting?

TP Link Router Disconnects Frequently
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A router that keeps disconnecting is a huge inconvenience, especially if you rely on it for work or school. Unfortunately, there are a few reasons why your TP-Link router might be disconnecting frequently. These include:

a) Interference

One possible reason your TP-Link router is disconnecting frequently is because of interference from other devices. If there are too many devices using the same frequency range as your router, it can cause connection issues.

b) Weak signal

Another common reason why a TP-Link router disconnects frequently is a weak signal. When the signal is too weak, the router can’t maintain a consistent connection.

c) Software issues

There are also a few software issues that can cause your TP-Link router to disconnect frequently. One example is if you have too many devices connected to the router and it’s running out of memory. Or, if there is a firmware issue with your router, it could be causing connection problems.

d) Incompatibility

Incompatibility may also be causing your TP-Link router to disconnect frequently. If you’ve recently changed your internet service provider or made other changes to your network, it’s possible that your router isn’t compatible with the new setup.

How to Fix TP-Link Router That Disconnects Frequently (6 Solutions)

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Check your connection

One of the most common reasons for a TP-Link router to disconnect frequently is a poor connection. Make sure that your device is physically close enough to your router and that there are no obstructions between them. You may also want to try moving your router to a different location in order to improve the signal.

Check the cables

As we have seen above, another common reason why a TP-Link router disconnects frequently is a bad cable. If you’re using an Ethernet cable, make sure that it’s properly plugged into both your router and your device.

You should also check to see if the power cable is damaged in any way. Most times, if the ethernet or power cable is bad, the router will not turn on at all.

Update your firmware

Another common reason for a TP-Link router to disconnect frequently is outdated firmware. You can update your router’s firmware to see whether it fixes the problem.

This can be done by visiting the TP-Link website and locating the correct firmware for your model of router. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before upgrading your firmware.

Restart your TP-Link router

Sometimes all it takes to fix a TP-Link router disconnecting frequently is a simple restart. Unplug your router from the power source, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in.

Allow your router to boot up completely before trying to use it again. This can fix the problem because it clears out any temporary software issues.

Reset the router

If restarting your router doesn’t work, you may want to try resetting it. This can be done by pressing and holding the reset button on the back of your router for about 30 seconds. Once your router has been reset, you will need to set it up again using the instructions that came with your device.

Resetting will erase all of your settings and return the router to its default state. Be sure to write down your login information before doing this, as you will need to enter it in again when you set up the router.

a tp link router
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Contact your ISP

If you’ve tried both of the above solutions and your TP-Link router still disconnects constantly, contact your ISP (internet service provider) for assistance.

They will not only help you identify the problem, but they’ll also help you fix it. Explain to them that you’ve been having problems with your router disconnecting and they should be able to provide some assistance.


A TP-Link router that is disconnecting regularly can be frustrating and can cause a lot of problems. While there are a few reasons why your TP-Link router disconnects frequently, most of them can be easily fixed.

Try checking your connection, updating your firmware, resetting the router, or contacting your ISP for assistance. Hopefully one of these solutions will help you get back online quickly.


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