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Virgin Media Won’t Load Channels: Simple Fix Guide

Virgin Media Won’t Load Channels: Simple Fix Guide

Does your Virgin Media TV box won’t load channels at all? Are your channels freezing or loading slowly as well?

Virgin Media TV Box and Hub provides exceptional TV packages and broadband services to its subscribers. However, Virgin Media subscribers report several problems when they try to watch their favorite channels.

Don’t worry, this guide will show you the fixes associated with these issues. We’ll also be looking to see if there is something wrong with your Virgin Media app.

Why Is My Virgin Channels Not Working?

You can subscribe to the Virgin Media channels by installing their TV box. Virgin TV uses the same coaxial cable in the junction box and the ground at the end of your street that is dedicated to you for the broadband service.

Therefore, you can experience a problem with your Virgin channels if your internet is playing tricks on you. If your networking is not lagging, here are some other reasons and solutions for this issue.

Look For Known Problems

To check for known issues related to the TV channels and services:

  • Go to the Virgin Media Service Status page or open the “My Virgin Media” app on your mobile phone
  • Sign in to your Virgin Media account
  • Enter the postcode of your living area
  • Now select the TV service and click on “Run a test”
  • If TV service results show “All looks good”, go back and tap on Run a Test on the Broadband service
  • Follow all the instructional steps to get the test done correctly

When the test ends, Virgin Media will provide you with accurate information about the service outage or a technical fault in their system. Afterward, you can book an engineer who can visit your home and troubleshoot the TV channel issues for you.

Faulty Hardware

If you are having problems with the Virgin Media subscription channels, your TV box itself may be faulty. In this case, you can log in to your Virgin Media account and book an engineer to report the error code so that they can repair or replace your faulty TV box.

Weather Conditions

Quite often, weather condition is the most common cause of the channels not loading on your TV screen. Most of the time, you’ll get all your channels back once the weather settles. High winds, snowstorms, and rain affect the quality of Virgin Media TV services. Hot weather can overheat the street boxes and the rain can cause service issues if the water seeps into an already damaged cable.

How Do I Reset My Virgin Media Channels?

If your Virgin Media channels are not available, you might want to try resetting them. Here’s how:

  • Press the Home button on your Virgin Media TV remote
  • Navigate to Help & Settings and select Settings again
  • Now select the Reset TV box option and select Reset
  • Wait for a few minutes, then unplug the box from the main power supply
  • Wait for 45 seconds and plug the TV box back into the main power supply

Is There A Problem With The Virgin Media App?

You can experience the following problems with your Virgin Media control app on your mobile phone.

  • If you have trouble signing in to your Virgin Media app, you may have installed your TV box recently and need to wait 24 hours for the activation to take effect.
  • If your Virgin Media app can’t find or lose connection from your phone to your TV box, make sure your TV box settings are set to connect at low power or always on. Furthermore, force close or restart your app to see if that fixes the issue.
  • Your Virgin Media TV app could not work if you are having internet issues. Make sure that the Hub is working fine. Also, go to the Home –> Help & Settings –> Settings –> Network Remote Control –> Choose “Allow Network-based Remote Controls”.


It can be frustrating if your Virgin Media TV box won’t load channels and you can’t control the box with the app either. We tried our best to give you possible reasons and fixes for these problems. However, if you are still facing these issues, you may want to chat with the Virgin Media help centre so that they can take a look at the issues on their end.


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