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Why Does My Netflix Keeps Auto-Dimming and How to Fix It?

Why Does My Netflix Keeps Auto-Dimming and How to Fix It?

Is a dark television screen ruining your Netflix viewing experience? When your television dims to utter darkness during your favorite show, you are sure to feel frustrated. Let’s find out why Netflix keeps auto-dimming and how to fix it.

Missing the latest blockbuster hit or modern sitcom on Netflix is a travesty. What’s worse? Nothing is worse than running into troubleshooting issues while watching. It’s never ok to pay for a subscription then not be able to use it. And I’m sure watching a black screen will not suffice. So, let’s dive into why your screen becomes dark.

Why is My Screen Going Dark on Netflix?

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There are a few reasons why your screen is dimming while you’re viewing Netflix. Therefore, you’ll need to do some investigating to get to the root cause.

You will need to begin by focusing on your specific viewing device. Every device has a different way of adjusting the brightness setting. And the most likely culprit is a setting on that device. The devices we’ll examine in this article are:

  • Android Phone or Tablet
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch
  • Smart TV
  • All Other Devices

Before diving into each device, let’s cover the basic troubleshooting methods. These three fixes can help on any device.

  • Restart your device.

    Reboot before starting any troubleshooting efforts. A quick restart might even solve your problem.

  • Update the Netflix App.

    Dark videos on Netflix could be due to a bug in the system. Updates help resolve technical issues by eliminating them. Always ensure that you are utilizing the latest version of the app.

  • Check your battery source.

    During a low battery stage, a device will often dim the brightness to retain energy. Ensure that your device is fully charged before starting a movie on Netflix. Also, ensure that your television is securely plugged into the outlet.

Hopefully, your lighting issues with Netflix were solved using a quick fix. If not, you might need to manually adjust the lighting on your Netflix app. This setting is only available when viewing Netflix through a mobile device, iPad, or tablet.

How To Adjust The Brightness While Streaming Netflix on a Mobile Device, iPad, or Tablet

There is a setting on Netflix to adjust screen brightness. You will need to:

  1. Log into Netflix
  2. Start a movie or show
  3. Once the film has started, tap anywhere on your screen
  4. Slide the light bar to control your desired level of light
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How to Stop an Android Phone or Tablet From Auto-Dimming

Most Android phones come with a built-in auto-dimming feature to recognize inactivity. Dimming the brightness of your phone or tablet will conserve energy. This is very useful to avoid your mobile device or tablet from dying. However, it is not beneficial whenever you are watching Netflix.

So, when you are not clicking or swiping your mobile device or tablet for some time, the lights will automatically dim. When viewing a movie or show, your phone will experience prolonged periods of inactivity. Alas, Don’t fret. There is a way to shut off this feature while watching Netflix.

Follow these steps to remove the auto-dimming feature from an Android device:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Display
  3. Tap the switch to deactivate Adaptive Brightness
  4. Then slide the bar to control your desired level of light

If this does not fix the level of light on your Netflix app, don’t worry. Try using the Picture-In-Picture mode on your device.

Follow these steps to switch to the picture-in-picture mode on Netflix.

  1. Increase the brightness settings on your phone.
  2. Long into the Netflix app and play a film.
  3. Press the home button to play the Netflix video to activate picture-in-picture mode.
  4. You will be able to watch the Netflix video on a pop-up screen.

How to keep an iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch from Auto-Dimming on Netflix

First, ensure that you utilize the easy fixes on the top of this article. If your Netflix is still too dark, let’s explore w

Like your Android device, Apple products will automatically dim due to inactivity. Therefore, to shut off auto-dimming features, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Display and Brightness
  3. Turn off the Automatic toggle
  4. Adjust the lighting to your desired preference by sliding the bar left or right.
  5. To avoid your screen going completely dark – Modify the Auto-Lock feature to Never

How to Stop Auto-Dimming on Netflix When Using a Smart TV

First and foremost, most auto-dimming issues on a smart tv are due to the device. Therefore, you must optimize your tv settings to avoid your Netflix being too dark.

For instance, your television might have an ambient light sensor. This feature will cause automatic dimming. It will make your tv darker in a dark room and brighter in a bright room.

Every smart TV will have a different way of managing the display lighting. Therefore, to adjust your brightness settings, contact your TV manufacturer.

Keep Netflix from Auto-Dimming on Any Other Device

Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the lighting of Netflix on most other devices. This means that when you are watching Netflix on your laptop, you cannot modify the brightness through the Netflix App.

In other words, you must troubleshoot auto-dimming concerns within the laptop itself. Because most laptops, MacBooks, or Chromebooks have traditional auto-dimming capabilities, it might be an easy fix.

First, follow the easy fixes at the top of this article to ensure that it is not a bug, update, or battery-related. If this does not fix your problem, reach out to your laptop manufacturer.

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Final Concessions

To summarize, auto-dimming features are worth the hassle because they protect your device’s battery. However, a dark screen can be very frustrating when watching a show. But all is not lost. This should be an easy fix.

Hopefully, these solutions solved your light issues on Netflix. Now it is time to watch your favorite program!

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