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Unable To Join a PS5 Party? 7 Simple Solutions

Unable To Join a PS5 Party? 7 Simple Solutions

Parties on PS5 are the group messaging system on the console that help you overcome the troubles of in-game communications systems as they are slow, poor in quality, or dependent on proximity.

When you can’t join a PS5 party, it’s usually the result of connection issues from either you or your friends’ network. Other issues could include problems with the PlayStation server, or violating the PlayStation network guidelines.

In this post I’ll take a look at the 7 simple solutions that can help troubleshoot this issue of not being able to join a PS5 party.

Unable To Join a PS5 Party? How To Fix

How to fix: Can't join a PS5 party

1. Check your Wi-Fi Connection

The reason you cannot join your PS5 party may be entirely unrelated to your console itself.

Your console Wi-Fi may be having a problem connecting to your wireless network, or it may be switched off.

If you find that whenever you can’t join a PS5 party, your Wi-Fi is almost always to blame, go ahead and change to a LAN cable which you can connect directly to the back of your PlayStation console.

You also need to make sure you have enough data. Playing with other players online, especially when using voice chats requires a lot of data. We have a bandwidth guide you can check through.

2. Switch off your console

Just hold down on the power button. This is like the standard operating procedure for any console giving you issues.

Additionally, you can remove all plugs after you have powered down, disconnect the router and allow some time before you plug everything back in.

It is effective because when you switch back on, the rebooting process reloads everything in your console, and you might just be able to join your party of friends on PS5.

3. Check the network server

The PlayStation party runs on the PlayStation network server. If the server is down, all you can do is wait until they make amends from their side.

You can visit their server status to check the network status in your specific location.

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4. Log out

You should have a solution by now, but if none of the above resolutions worked and you still cannot join a PS5 party, then you should log out of your account for a while.

This gives your account a kind of soft reset and should fix any glitch that may be disrupting your connection. Give it some time, then log in again.

Navigate your way to “User account” in your console’s settings, click on ‘Others’, then sign out of your account. As usual, give it some time before you log in again. This could enable you successfully join a PS5 party.

5. Check if you’re banned

Like every other community, the PlayStation Network has rules and guidelines; violating some policies may result in you not joining a party.

Just like the Xbox One party ban, if you advocate hate speech or unlawful acts, manipulate PSN usage, expose personal information, or use unauthorized software, PlayStation Network will blacklist your IP address.

These are only some reasons, so please, read the terms of service carefully.

Typically, you should get a suspension notification through your mail or messages on your console.

  • Your account will be suspended if there are outstanding charges on your account, so make sure there are no outstanding payments. If you are encountering the error message ‘WS-37368-7’ when signing into your PSN account this is a clear indicator that you have been banned. If a debt is why you’re banned and can’t join a party, the account will resume once the charges are resolved.
  • If you have been permanently banned, you can appeal the ban.

6. Ensure your console is updated

Missing any regular updates that are rolled out may prevent you from joining a party. Update your console and try joining again.

You can choose to set your console to download and install updates automatically or do this manually.

For automatic Updates

  • Follow “Settings” > “System” > “System software” > “System Software update and settings”
  • Allow Downloads and install update files automatically. This way, your console updates automatically while in rest mode.

For manual Updates

 There is an update file that you can download into a flash drive here, then follow the attached instructions to update your PS5 console manually.

7. Reset your console

Hopefully, you won’t have to resort to this last option, but sometimes, you may need to restore your console to defaults.

Before you attempt to restore your PS5 to factory settings, you must first back up your console. 

To back up your PS5, go to the Settings Menu, then System > Backup and Restore > Back Up Your PS5, then save everything to a USB device. Once you have backed up your data, follow these steps;

Navigate to the “Settings menu” > “System software” > “Reset options” > “Reset your console.” > “Reset”

After this, restart your console and restore your backup by navigating to “Backup and Restore” as described above.

Try joining the party again to check if the issue has been resolved.

Update your PS5 console

One Bonus Solution – Still Unable To Join a Party? The Last Resort

In the eventuality that none of the above methods worked and you still can’t join a PS5 party, you will need a professional to help you take a look at it. You can email PlayStation online support for professional help. Check here to find the email specific to your country.

Finally, be aware that if you are trying to join a party with only one person, they should also check at their end to make sure everything is okay.

We hope that one of these methods will help you whenever you cannot join a PS5 party. Make sure to check our website for solutions to similar technical issues you may have with your console.


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