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Fortnite Keeps Kicking Me Out: How To Stay In Your Match

Fortnite Keeps Kicking Me Out: How To Stay In Your Match

If Fortnite keeps kicking you out, there are five common causes. These are:

  1. Are you making use of a VPN? A poor VPN server can interfere with the performance of Fortnite, as well as a blocked IP address.
  2. You are using Exitlag.
  3. You have an IP ban.
  4. Poor internet connection
  5. Have you perhaps gone against Fortnite’s code of conduct? Epic Games will sign you out if you have been temporarily banned.

In this post, I’ll take a look at the best ways to troubleshoot why you have been kicked out, and, most importantly, how to fix the problem and get you back in.

Why does Fortnite keep kicking me out?

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Fortnite will keep kicking you out if you make use of Exitlag. Exitlag is a downloadable software onto your device that is used to prevent latency issues when you play Fortnite. It is used to improve the performance of your gaming experience, however, it has been known to cause conflict with Fortnite.

Other reasons why Fortnite will keep kicking you out of your match include;

1. VPN use

If you make use of a VPN to play Fortnite, the configuration can interfere with the performance of the game. You may have poor service from your current VPN provider.

The VPN and Fortnite server may be incompatible, which will result in the game being unable to accept your request.

2. Problematic internet connection

Fortnite will kick you out of the lobby when the device you play the game cannot connect to a stable network.

The online game requires at least 3Mbps for you to play without experiencing any performance issues.

3. Fortnite code of conduct breach

Fortnite will kick you out of your match or lobby if you have gone against their code of conduct. This is to protect other players and keep the platform free from abuse.

Fortnite has a set of unwritten rules as well as community guidelines that players need to adhere to.

If Fortnite confirms you have misused their platform, they will notify you if you have been banned temporarily and for how long.

4. IP Ban

Fortnite may have banned your IP address.

This is more common when you are using a VPN. A ban on your IP will stop your device from reaching the Fortnite server.

How to fix Fortnite kicking you out

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Uninstall Exitlag from your device. This program, although used to improve your gaming experience on Fortnite, is known to cause performance issues with the app. Delete Exitlag to ensure Fortnite stops kicking you out of your match or lobby.

If you have not made use of Exitlag, these additional steps will help you fix Fortnite from kicking you out;

1. Update VPN

For the use of a VPN, you need to make sure the software is up to date.

Alternatively, if your current VPN is giving you issues, you should consider changing to a different provider. You can check out this list that will provide you with some of the best VPN services you can use for Fortnite.

2. Check network connection

Refresh your internet connection to get rid of any network-related issues that could cause Netflix to keep kicking you out.

You can do this by simply powering off your router for a couple of minutes and turning it back on again.

Once your connection has reset, enter a Fortnite match to see if you stay logged in.

3. Change IP address

Fortnite will keep kicking you out if your IP address has been banned. You will need to change your IP address.

This can be done by accessing your VPN service and updating your IP.

Tip, choose a server that is in close proximity to your location. This will decrease the chance to experience any latency problems.

Fortnite keeps crashing

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Fortnite will keep crashing if your game files have not yet been verified. If a file is missing, or the data is corrupt, Epic Games will be unable to load the program. Sometimes, the app will crash in the form of kicking you out of your match or lobby when there is not sufficient game data.

Other reasons why Fortnite will keep crashing include;

1. Apps running in the background

If you have multiple different apps active on your device while you’re active on Fortnite, this can throttle your connection and interfere with the app working properly.

2. User access control

Sometimes, the user access control on your PC can create issues with the normal functions on Fortnite.

This setting can block certain actions on your computer.

3. Outdated graphics driver

An outdated graphics driver can cause Fortnite to keep crashing. Your driver needs to update to ensure your device stays compatible with the game’s features and functions.

How do you fix Fortnite if it keeps crashing?

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Verify your Fortnite game files to stop the app from crashing. You can do this from the library tab on your Epic Games profile. Next to Fortnite, press the three dots and click ‘Verify’. Once this has been completed, restart Fortnite to see if it still keeps kicking you out.

If your game files are already verified, you can complete these additional steps to help fix your game from experiencing further technical issues;

1. Close other running apps

An accumulation of other apps running in the background of your device while you access Fortnite can cause the game to keep kicking you out, or to continuously crash.

On desktop, press; ‘CTRL + ALT + DEL’ > Task Manager > End Task 

Note, close apps that you do not need to leave open, and that use a high amount of memory.

2. Change Epic Games launcher as administrator

If Epic Games does not have the necessary user access control, Fortnite will be limited with what it can process on your PC.

Right click on Epic Games launcher icon > Select ‘Run as Administrator’ 

Once this has been updated, open Fortnite.

3. Update graphics driver

Update your graphics driver to ensure Fortnite can perform at an optimal level and not encounter any issues.

You can update your PC’s graphics drivers through a Windows update, or by a manual update from the ‘Device Manager’ settings.

How to update Windows:

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’ and click on ‘System’

Step 2. Press ‘Windows Update’

Step 3. Select ‘Update’

Note, your PC will complete an automatic check for an available upgrade.

windows update

How to manual update graphics driver

Step 1. Launch ‘Device Manager’

Step 2. Find ‘Display Adapters’ and open the drop down

Step 3. Right click on the ‘Graphics’ option and select ‘Update Drivers’

Allow your computer to complete the update and relaunch Fortnite.

graphic drivers on windows


After reading this guide, we hope you have been able to fix Fortnite from kicking you out either from a match or your lobby and that you now understand why this issue was occurring on your device.

It’s important to note, that if the Epic Games server is down, you may experience login issues, or Fortnite will keep crashing.

You are able to stay up to date with Fortnite’s service status as well as Epic Games’s status for an overall view.


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