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Here’s Why Netflix Won’t Play On HDMI: 5 Step Fix

Here’s Why Netflix Won’t Play On HDMI: 5 Step Fix

If Netflix won’t play on HDMI when you connect your laptop to your TV, you can normally solve this issue using one of 5 fixes:

  1. Make sure the input setting on your TV is set up correctly
  2. Check your HDMI compatibility, and alter cable if necessary
  3. Check your HDMI cable for faults
  4. Check your GPU settings
  5. Change your browser or app

In this guide, I’ll take a look at the 5 most common causes of Netflix not playing on HDMI. These are:

  1. Incompatible HDMI cable
  2. Faulty HDMI cable
  3. Incorrect GPU setting
  4. Your Netlfix is blocked
  5. You have a problem with Wi-fi connectivity

I’ll got through each of these, so that you will be able to troubleshoot this problem yourself, and find out why you are effected. Then you can use one of the 5 simple steps to fix the problem.

Why won’t Netflix play through my HDMI?

woman watching netflix on laptop

Netflix won’t play on HDMI if the input setting is incorrect on your TV. If you are accessing Netflix on your laptop and want it to be displayed on your TV’s screen, it will need to be configured so that your TV’s screen is displaying the image from your PC. 

Besides the settings needing to be correct, Netflix may not be working through an HDMI for the following reasons;

Reason 1. Incompatible HDMI cable

If the HDMI cable you are using is incompatible with Netflix, the app will not play on your chosen device.

You may get an error message on your screen stating; ‘HDCP- compatible device is required’ which will confirm the adapter will not work with the device you are trying to stream on.

This problem has been noted specifically on Apple devices.

What is HDCP on Netflix?

HDCP means High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

The purpose of this security when using an HDMI cable to stream Netflix is to protect online copyrighted material when it travels from one device through to your TV.

If the device you are using to stream Netflix onto your TV does not meet the HDCP requirements, the app will not play.

Reason 2. Faulty HDMI cable

The HDMI cable you are using could be damaged or faulty. This will prevent Netflix from being mirrored onto your secondary device.

The port you are inserting the HDMI cable into could also be problematic.

Reason 3. Incorrect GPU setting

Along with the input settings needing to be configured correctly, if the GPU (graphics processing unit) is not set to ‘full screen,‘ this could be a potential reason why Netflix won’t play on your HDMI.

Reason 4. Blocked Netflix

If you are using an HDMI cable to your TV to play Netflix, there could be a setting on your television that is blocking the app from streaming content.

Depending on if you are accessing Netflix through the app, or from your browser, it can also play a part in the app streaming successfully.

Reason 5. A Problem With Wi-Fi Connectivity

This is a really common reason for this fault.

Not enough Wi-Fi speed or connectivity can block Netflix from functioning properly. To check the current Wi-Fi connectivity, take a look at its strength in your internet access settings.

If you’re internet does look like the issue, then what is the easiest fix? Get a Wi-Fi booster.

These simple boxes are easy to plug into your home electric, and instantly boost Wi-Fi speed and power.

The one I recommend is the Wifi Extender Signal Booster by Netfun. These are really economical, and they boost multiple devices in your home at the same time.

How do I get Netflix to play through HDMI?

family watching netflix

Fix 1. Make Sure The Input Setting On Your TV Is Set Correctly

You can get Netflix to play through your HDMI by making sure the input setting on your TV has been set correctly.

If you have not configured your television to pick up the display from your laptop through an HDMI source, Netflix will not play. Once you have chosen the correct ‘source’ on your TV, you should be able to view Netflix on your screen.

Is your cable compatible with your devices? There are a few additional fixes you can execute if Netflix still won’t play on HDMI;

Fix 2. Check HDMI compatibility

You will need to troubleshoot your HDMI cable to make sure it is compatible with the devices you are using, specifically if you are connecting a laptop to your TV.

If you have received an error message on your screen, you can attempt one of the following;

  • Test your HDMI cable with a different device
  • Reverse the cable
  • Switch to a different port when connecting the HDMI
  • Make sure the cable is connected securely

If none of these steps has resolved Netflix not playing, and you are still seeing a Black or blank screen, you may need to change TV or access Netflix on a device that supports the app without needing to be connected to a different system.

Fix 3. Check HDMI for faults

If the HDMI cable you are using is faulty or damaged in any way, it will interfere with Netflix showing on your connected device.

Use the cable to connect two different devices and see if it works. If it does not, it will confirm you need to replace your HDMI.

Fix 4. Check GPU setting

Make sure the GPU (graphics processing unit) is set correctly. This will ensure you see the mirrored image is successfully displayed on the second screen through the HDMI.

The GPU setting will need to be checked on your laptop. If you are on a Windows PC, you will find it under;

Settings > System > Display > Graphics (under related settings) > Netflix > Options.

system graphic settings

You will now be able to choose your preferred graphics setting for Netflix.

Fix 5. Change to browser or app

If you are using the Netflix app to stream on HDMI, attempt to access the service via your web browser instead, and vice versa.

It could be that your TV is blocking the app from playing through, or your browser is being picked up as suspicious.

Netflix won’t play on lightning to HDMI

lightning cable
Photo by Linus Rogge on Unsplash

Many Apple users have experienced issues with Netflix not playing when they use their lightning adapter to connect their iPhones to their HDMI-enabled TV. The cable does not seem to support Netflix’s HDCP protection requirements. It has been reported that this issue seems to have transpired since the iOS 11 system. 

Why does my lightning to HDMI not work with Netflix?

Your lightning to HDMI is not working with Netflix because it does not support their HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).

You may be seeing a Black screen on your TV when you try and use your lightning adapter and cable.

Is there a way around this issue? You can make sure your iOS on updated to its latest version, otherwise, you can make use of a different HDMI cable to connect your devices.

Netflix lagging with HDMI

couple watching tv at home

If Netflix is lagging when you are streaming the app through the use of an HDMI cable, this will be mainly due to your network connection. Even though Netflix is being played through a connected cable, both devices need to be active on a strong network. 

You can improve Netflix’s out-of-sync issue by refreshing your internet connection and decreasing the video quality on the app.

Solution 1. Refresh internet connection

The recommended download speed to stream Netflix in high-definition quality is 5Mbps, and 25Mbps for ultra-high-definition quality.

To make sure Netflix is receiving an adequate amount of bandwidth, you can check your internet speed.

Refreshing your internet connection will improve your network speeds and improve your internet’s performance. Reconnect your Wifi router to complete the process.

Solution 2. Decrease Netflix video quality

Changing the Netflix video quality will decrease the amount of bandwidth the app needs to be able to stream without any interference.

Netflix > Settings > Video Quality > Standard

download storage options

Relaunch Netflix once you have updated its quality.


With this guide, we hope you now understand why Netflix was not playing on HDMI, and that you were able to successfully execute one of the four easy solutions we have provided.

If you are still experiencing issues with using an HDMI cable to stream Netflix, you may have a hardware issue with your device. If you would like to complete a check, you can make use of JustAsk where a verified technician will be able to assist you.


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