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6 Ways To Fix Hulu Unable To Verify Email

6 Ways To Fix Hulu Unable To Verify Email

Many users are reporting that they cannot log into Hulu because they cannot verify the email and get an error message during the sign-up process. If you are one of those users, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to regain access to the service.

One of the most common reasons why Hulu is unable to verify your email is that you are entering the wrong login credentials or the Hulu server is down. To resolve the error message, double check you are entering the correct email address and password or check that the Hulu service is fully operational.

In this article, we’ll explain why Hulu is unable to verify your email when you are trying to log in or create a new account. We’ll also outline some effective solutions to help you get back to watching Hulu content again by resolving this bug.  

Why Am I Unable To Verify My Email On Hulu?

Hulu email verification error message

Below are some of the reasons why Hulu says, “We Can’t Verify Your Email Now” when you are authenticating your account:

  • Your payment is declined, or your Hulu subscription is expired.
  • Corrupted or bulky browser’s cache data.
  • Parental controls are enabled on the account.
  • The Hulu server is experiencing an outage.
  • Using incorrect sign-in credentials.
  • Too many devices are signed in.
  • Using an email that is already registered on the Hulu app.

How Do I Fix Hulu Unable To Verify My Email

Hulu service outage report

If Hulu is unable to verify your email, the following 6 tried-and-true fixes listed below will assist you in getting rid of the error message and authenticating your account.

Check Credentials and Associated Email

Sometimes, the Caps lock on your keyboard or streaming device is automatically set to on. Due to this, you might enter your email incorrectly, resulting in the Hulu verification error message. 

To avoid this, ensure you enter the email and the password with the correct characters, capitalization, and numbers. If you forgot your password, try resetting it by visiting the Hulu password reset page.  

You may be trying to authenticate an email on Hulu that is already used with this streaming service. Therefore, try using a new email address and see if this resolves the error message.

Check the Hulu Subscription 

If your Hulu account subscription has expired and hasn’t been renewed automatically, Hulu will not verify or accept your email address. 

Simply, go to your Hulu account page, check the subscription status under the basic settings to verify whether your account has been terminated or put on hold, and take necessary measures if needed, such as updating the payment information.

INFO: Incomplete subscription details can also cause platforms like Hulu and Disney Plus not to accept your email.

Clear The Browser’s Cache

Clearing browser cache

If you are using a browser to access Hulu and authenticate your account, try clearing the cache:

  • Launch the browser on your PC.
  • Click the “Ellipsis” icon.
  • Click “More Tools…”
  • Select “Clear Browsing Data.”
  • Set Time Range.
  • Check all the boxes.
  • Click “Clear Data.”
  • Close and relaunch the browser and see if Hulu accepts your email or verify it this time around.

Remove the Parental Controls 

Hulu might be blocking your access if you try to sign in to an account you didn’t purchase. The classic example, in this case, is a child’s account in which the active Parental Control settings are responsible for blocking your access, resulting in email verification issues. 

A quick workaround for this issue is to turn off the Parental Control settings on the child’s account:

  • Log into Hulu.
  • Click the “Pencil” icon.
  • Toggle off the switch under “Kids.”
  • Type in “Birth Date.”
  • Save Changes, and confirm that you can now access and verify the email associated with the account. 

INFO: It is also possible that the account owner has deleted your profile, resulting in access and verification hurdles.

Check Devices Using Hulu

Too many users logged in and streaming at once on their devices using the same Hulu account can often result in email verification issues. So, find out who else is using your account, ask them to log out, and try reverifying your associated email.

Check Hulu Service Outage 

If you are sure that you are entering the correct login credentials and have tried all the above solutions, it is possible that the Hulu service is unavailable. This could happen from time to time due to server maintenance, technical issues, or other glitches.

To verify this issue, simply go to any third-party server-checking website using a browser on your PC and check the Hulu server status report. If the server is down and other users are experiencing the same problem, wait for the Hulu developers to get the service back up and running again.

Meanwhile, you can reach out to the Hulu support team to report the email verification error message. They may have some more solutions up their sleeves. 

INFO: Service outages can also sometimes result in Hulu error code playlist 5.


In this article, we’ve tried our best to explain why Hulu is unable to verify your email address while you are trying to sign in or authenticate your account. 

We’ve also provided some potential fixes, such as checking the Hulu subscription, clearing the browser cache, limiting the Hulu app usage on different devices, and a few other ways to resolve the error message.

Hopefully, you can now access your Hulu account and stream your favorite content uninterrupted.


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