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How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-8-17: 6 Quick Solutions

How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-8-17: 6 Quick Solutions

Trying to use the Netflix app and have Error Code NW-8-17 pop up is extremely frustrating.

This could be quite unnerving especially when you have no idea of how to fix it. Relax, however, because this is a common error and you should not be so worried. In this guide, you will be provided with an insight into the NW-8-17 error and the ways to fix it. Now, let’s dive in!

Ensure that your network connection is strong

Oftentimes, the NW-8-17 error is often accompanied by the message, “We’re having a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again or visit:” This simply implies that there is an issue with the network connectivity. Hence, preventing the device from connecting with the server. Yet, in several cases, this problem can originate from your device. There are several steps you can take to solve this error, as explained as follows:

As explained above, a poor network connection is often the case anytime you come across the error NW-8-17.

Step By Step GuideTo Fix The Netflix Error Code NW-8-17

If you are using a console, the following procedures are effective in fixing this error:
• Click on the option that says “test your internet connection” in the gaming console. This test ensures that you can determine if you have a good internet connection or not.

• If it proves difficult to set up an internet connection, then there is a need to run a basic check, which lets you know if your device is even connected to the network, to begin with.

• Then, you can disable the connection once you find out that you can’t connect to the internet despite how hard you are trying to. Wait for a few minutes and you can enable the connection. It cannot be overemphasized that for mobile phone users, turning on and off your airplane mode often helps to boost internet connectivity.

• If you have no direct method of checking for internet connectivity on your gaming console, then open another app that makes use of an internet connection.

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You do not need a professional to fix the Netflix Error Code NW-8-17 for you.

If this other app runs smoothly, then you should be sure that your Netflix app has an issue. You can then rule out the possibility of an issue due to internet connectivity. Then, you can try out the next step.

Clear all redundant cache files and cookies on your Netflix app

Another step you can take to fix the Netflix error code NW-8-17 error is to remove all cookies and cache files on the Netflix app.

It is worth noting that the presence of junk files on your device can make it slow and unresponsive. This might be the cause of the error. Clearing these redundant files could fix this issue.

Ensure that Netflix is supported by your network

If you reside in a location where Netflix is not available – which is highly unlikely, yet possible – it will be impossible to access Netflix. Using a VPN might solve this issue. Besides this, if you are in a place with a network that restricts or completely blocks streaming apps, then you might need to convince the administrator to enable you to stream.

Try to restart the device

If none of the aforementioned methods produces the desired result for you, why not try restarting the device? Restarting it ensures forced reconnection back to the internet. However, you might need to remove your device from any electrical outlet to ensure that no electric supply runs through the device.

Then, wait for a few minutes before restarting the device. One other option is to connect to a modem while ensuring that the default connection settings are restored. However, you should contact your service provider if this proves rather difficult.

Log out and in to your Netflix account

This is another option you can explore if you see the Netflix error code NW-8-17. Log out of your Netflix account. Wait for about 5 to 10 minutes, then log in again. Oftentimes, this also helps to clear this error.

Try boosting your signals

If the error is due to connectivity, you can boost your signals by making use of a Wi-Fi signal booster. This might help you resolve this issue. Nonetheless, if you can’t do this, try to move closer to the router to get a stronger signal. Again, you might need to contact your service provider if there is no improvement in your Wi-Fi signals. As mentioned earlier, internet connectivity is often the cause of an NW-8-17 error and this method is effective in getting rid of the error.

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Few would dispute that watching movies is often a panacea for depression and loneliness. Watching your favorite TV shows will prevent the accumulation of negative emotions and thoughts.

Besides being a means of having fun, movies represent a form of therapy. For this reason, having easy access to a top streaming platform like Netflix – where you can come across popular TV shows and movies – can be very beneficial. However, it might become very frustrating when an NW-8-17 error starts displaying on your device.

Knowing the cause and methods to fix it is important, giving you improved control over your streaming experience. Indeed, knowledge is power!


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