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PS5 Overheating Message: 4 Simple Quick Solutions

PS5 Overheating Message: 4 Simple Quick Solutions

For users of Sony’s current generation PS5 console, it is not unusual to see overheating warning messages flash in the middle of your screen.

The most common type of overheating is due to a lack of adequate airflow within the console. This often requires that you unplug the device and wait a few minutes to get the PS5 console’s temperature back to normal, and sometimes, the console may go into an automatic shutdown.

Not to worry, overheating messages are fairly common, and many PS5 owners have experienced it. Let’s take a look at how to prevent or repair an overheating PS5 to improve its performance and prolong its lifespan.

Why Does My PS5 Console Overheat?

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A good look at Sony’s current generation PS5 with peculiar overheating issues will reveal a significant difference in weight compared to the old PS5. The weight difference is traced to the heatsink. You will find the newer version of the PS5 has a smaller heat sink than the older one. 

However, overheating is a result of heat not dissipating fast enough. Therefore, a lower heatsink slows down the heat dissipation process, but this could also be a result of accompanying factors such as:

Installing PS5 in a Tight Corner

When installing your console, ensure you don’t mount it too close to the wall, but instead leave at least five inches of space between the console and the nearest surface. This gives enough room for air and also assists the heatsink in dissipating the heater faster.

Covering Up the Console

For many reasons, we can relate to wanting to conceal your PS5 console. However, do not cover up your console while it’s being used. This greatly prevents heat from flowing from the interior of the console and prevents cooler air from entering.

Mounting on Rugs and Long Fibre Underlay

While keeping your console away from the bare floor due to dust accumulation is important, it is conversely disadvantageous to mount it on a rug or other surface when rug debris and other buildups clog your air vents.

Weak PSU

The power supply unit gives the PS5 all the energy and power it needs to run effectively. However, over time, it weakens, and when it does, the PS5 begins to overheat. The PSU may be strained at other times due to its effort to supply the required energy to run a high graphics game. When you notice your PS5 overheating after playing certain games, you might want to avoid those games as they’re straining your PS5.

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4 Quick Overeating Indications in PS5

Aside from the warning your console might give you when overheating, there are other signs you may be proactive enough to detect on time, even before the warning message pops up. These signs include:

Unusual Fan Noises 

Before now, you would notice that you hardly hear your console’s cooling unit making unusual noises. However, when the PlayStation begins to overheat, the fan begins to make a very audible noise since it is overworking itself to lower the internal temperature of the console.

Console’s Exterior Becoming Warm or Hot

When you notice your console is becoming quite hot or warm, the warning message is just about to pop up. However, just in case you happen to notice on time, it is time to give that game a pause and let your PS5 console have some rest. You wouldn’t want an automatic shutdown, so take the first initiative. 

Slow Loading Time  

It is also not unusual to find that your game starts to freeze or that there is an annoyingly slow rate at which the game loads. When this happens, something is not right, and it is often a result of overheating.

Blank Screen 

In a bid to automatically shut itself down while overheating, your PS5 may stop transmitting to your computer or TV screen. This often results in seeing a completely blank screen or, in some cases, line streaks appearing on the screen in the middle of your game.

How to Fix Overheating PS5?

Not to worry, the PS5 is frequently programmed to care for itself while overheating. However, because of other contributory factors from gamers, overheating may occur too frequently. When this happens, here are some recommended quick fixes to explore.

1. Suction the Dirt Out

When it becomes impossible for your PS5 to stay too long without frequently overheating, it may just bdue toof dust or debris building up in the vent and preventing the internal cooling unit from effectively doing its job. You can lightly vacuum this debris and dust off the vent. This refreshes the cooling system and gives it access to better airflow. 

2. Reposition your Console 

Putting your console in a more spacious environment and elevating the vent area off the ground will give it a better cooling advantage. Always ensure there is sufficient space behind and beside your console. While it doesn’t matter how you place your console, if vertically or horizontally, it makes the console overheat, then try the alternative.

3. Do Not Cover The Console

Avoid concealing your PlayStation 5 in cabinets and TV console tables. Do not also place clothing or other forms of clothing over your PS5. Furthermore, avoid placing decorative materials too close to the vent of the console or in any area that might limit access to airflow. Some gamers do go a bit too far in removing the plastic cover of the PS5. While this gives excellent airflow, it exposes the internal components to further dust and dirt buildup. Merely avoiding obstructions near your PS5 suffices. 

4. Contact PlayStation Support 

If you have tried all these simple fix options and the overheating persists, this could result from a hardware malfunction requiring professional help. Before you try out any further troubleshooting steps, contact Sony for further technical support.

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Liquid Metal versus Thermal Paste: The Unpopular Last Resort

The liquid metal helps to transfer heat down to the heat sink, but over time, the effectiveness of the process reduces, compared to the traditional thermal paste. While we won’t recommend that you replace the liquid metal in your PS5 with thermal paste, the thermal paste will reduce the temperature significantly more than liquid metal in the long run if done professionally. However, other associated factors like sound decibels may increase when using thermal paste. 


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