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What Does The Oculus Orange Light Flashing Mean: Solutions

What Does The Oculus Orange Light Flashing Mean: Solutions

Does your Oculus have an Orange light flashing and you’re not sure what it means?

There are a few different coloured lights that will appear on your Oculus, either as a blinking or solid glow that will determine what the current status of your VR gaming console is.

Although the majority of the time your Oculus will show a blinking light when there is a change in its power percentage, there can be other issues with your Rift or Quest.

We have generated this easy to read guide that will delve into what the Oculus Orange light flashing means, as well as provide you with a few troubleshooting tips that will ensure your Oculus stays performing at an optimum level.

Why is my Oculus Quest 2 flashing Orange?

oculus orange light flashing
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Your Oculus has an Orange light flashing because the battery power is low, and your device is warning you it is going to switch off unless it gets put onto charge. The Oculus blinking orange light usually occurs when its battery percentage has reached 10% and is about to power off.

Although the Orange blinking light is mostly related to the battery percentage of your VR device, the coloured light flashing can entail a few other different reasons;

Reason 1. Oculus not connecting

If there is an Orange blinking light on your Oculus headset, this can mean your console is not connecting successfully, and you need to plug your headset and sensors in.

This could be due to incompatible USB ports, or a faulty cable.

Reason 2. Oculus software

Your Oculus software is needing to be updated if there is a continuous Orange light flashing on your headset or charger.

The current operating system of your VR console may contain corrupted data that is interfering with its charging status.

Reason 3. Oculus graphics driver issue

If you have the Oculus Quest, there may be an issue with the graphics driver on your PC.

If your Oculus contains a faulty graphics driver connection, this can create issues with the VR console functioning properly.

You may experience an Orange LED light on your Oculus, with a blank screen if the Nvidia graphics driver is damaged.

What does Oculus solid Orange light mean?

If you are seeing a solid Orange light on your Oculus, this will confirm it is still charging and has not reached 100% battery power yet.

Another reason why there is an Orange light that is not flashing is that your headset is currently in the ‘starting up’ phase if you have only just switched it on. This will be when the headset is not plugged in.

Is your Oculus glowing Orange when your headset is one and you are playing a game?

This will happen if the Oculus firmware gets a bit stuck.

How to fix Oculus Orange light blinking

vr headset

You can stop your Oculus from having an Orange light flashing by placing it on charge to increase its battery power to 100% before you are active again on the VR gaming console. Once your Oculus is put on charge, the flashing Orange light will change to a solid colour and will remain Orange until the battery is fully charged, after which, the light will turn green.

If your Oculus is flashing Orange for a reason other than its battery power is too low, you can execute one of the following methods;

Fix 1. Change USB ports

Users have reported using a 3.0 port works better than a 2.0 port. Try changing your port to a different one than what you are currently making use of.

Check that your HDMI cable is not damaged or faulty. You can do this by using it with a different device or swapping the connections around.

Fix 2. Update Oculus software

Your Oculus software could just be needing an update to improve its performance and eradicate any issues that could be causing the Orange light to keep flashing.

Your Oculus should automatically complete an update, however, if it does not, you can activate an update manually;

How to update Oculus software:

Before proceeding, make sure your headset is charged and switched on;

Step 1. Launch the universal menu

Step 2. Open the ‘Quick Settings’ feature

Step 3. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon

Step 4. Choose ‘System’ followed by ‘Software Update’

If an update is available, you will be able to confirm you want it downloaded to override your current version.

Fix 3. Update graphics driver

If there is a problem with the graphics driver on your PC that is conflicting with your Oculus Quest, you will need to complete an update.

How to update graphics driver:

Step 1. Launch ‘Device Manager’ on your Windows PC

Step 2. Find ‘Display Adapters’ and right click on it to then select ‘Properties’

Step 3. Choose the ‘Driver’ tab

Step 4. Select ‘Update Drivers’

update drivers

Allow your PC to complete the update.

The Oculus Orange light flashing is predominantly caused when your headset is low on power. If you have placed it on charge, and it is still blinking orange, make sure you have put it properly in place.

Why is my Oculus not charging?

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Your Oculus will not charge if it has overheated. Overheating will arise from the battery becoming too hot, and if the cooling fan is not working. Another factor that can cause your Oculus to overheat is if it is left in a location that is not well ventilated. 

Other reasons that can cause your Oculus device to not charge are;

  • Faulty cable or ports
  • You are putting your Oculus on charge an excessive amount while you are playing
  • Your Oculus software contains corrupted files
  • The auto wake-up function is turned on and draining the battery

You will know your Oculus is not charging because there will be no Orange light when you place it on charge. If this issue still persists after troubleshooting your virtual reality gaming console, you may need to complete a factory reset.

What do the lights on the Oculus mean?

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Oculus has a few different colours that will appear either as a flashing, or solid light. Depending on the colour, and how it is portrayed will determine what it means on your Oculus. 

Here are the meanings of what each colour means according to if the light is blinking is staying constant;

Oculus blinking light:

On headset:

  • White – it is switching on or rebooting
  • Purple – a factory reset is in process

On controller:

  • White – Controllers are being paired

Oculus solid light:

On headset:

  • White – the screen is enabled
  • Green – battery is fully charged
  • Orange – battery is charging
  • Red – battery is low

On controller:

  • White – Controllers are turned on

Understanding what the Oculus lights mean will help you keep your VR stay charged.


Now that you know why your Oculus had an Orange light flashing, we hope you took the necessary steps to put your VR gaming console on charge, and that you have made sure the other components of your Oculus functioning without any errors.

If you are still experiencing issues with your Oculus, we suggest you contact them directly through their support page, where can you either email, chat online, or WhatsApp them.


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