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Oculus Quest 2 Update Stuck At 0 – Reasons & Fixes

Oculus Quest 2 Update Stuck At 0 – Reasons & Fixes

Have you bought a new Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, but the required initial update gets stuck at 0 for a long time? 

If your Oculus Quest 2 first update during the setup process is stuck at 0%, this usually happens when the internet speed is slow, or the Wi-Fi signals are not getting through to the headset. To complete the initial update on Oculus, reboot your router to restore network speed. If this doesn’t help, move Quest 2 closer to the router, and ask your internet service provider to resolve backend issues.  

Below, we’ll let you know why your Oculus Quest 2 update is stuck at 0 and what you can do to resolve the problem and start using the headset.

Why is my Oculus stuck at initial update?

Why is my Oculus stuck at initial update

If your Oculus Quest 2 is stuck at the initial update and won’t cross the 0% mark, one of the following can be reasons for this issue:

  • Slow internet speed.
  • Poor Wi-Fi signal reception.
  • Your Internet service provider is experiencing backend issues.
  • Corrupt initial configurations.
  • Temporary glitches.
  • Oculus server outage.

How do I fix Oculus Quest 2 not updating?

How do I fix Oculus Quest 2 not updating

To fix the Oculus Quest 2 update bar not progressing above 0%, here are 7 fixes that have worked for many VR enthusiasts.  

Leave the Headset Overnight 

While setting up Oculus for the first time, the initial update often takes much time to download. This also depends on the bandwidth and quality of your internet service. So, it is best to leave your headset overnight and see if it has successfully downloaded the updates the next day. 

Charge Your Headset 

Sometimes, the Oculus headset gets stuck on the first update or loading screen if the battery runs low. 

To verify this, connect one end of the charging cable to the power adapter and the other to the Oculus charging port, let the headset charge for 2 to 3 hours, and see if the update completes.  

Troubleshoot Network

One of the most common reasons for Oculus Quest 2 failure to update the first time is the slow internet speed or the headset not receiving better Wi-Fi signals. To fix these issues, do the following steps in a sequence.

  • Turn off the router, plug out the power cable from the primary AC outlet, wait for a few minutes, plug everything back, and turn on the router. Run a network speed test and verify that the upload and download speeds are acceptable. 
  • If the network speed is fine, move the headset closer to the router for better Wi-Fi signal coverage. 
  • Contact your internet service provider and inquire about your bandwidth limits. Also, ask if the service is experiencing issues at the backend and how long it will take them to resolve these issues. 
  • Try connecting your Oculus Quest 2 to mobile data and see if the initial update show progress this time. 

Reboot the Headset

It is possible that the Oculus device is temporarily glitching, causing update issues during the setup process. The best way to resolve this issue is to force reboot your headset. 

For this, press the “Power” button and hold it till Oculus Quest 2 turns off, wait 30 seconds, and press the “Power” button again on the headset to turn it on.

Rebooting Oculus headset

You can also force-reboot your Oculus Quest 2 using the bootloader options. Simply turn it off, press the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons for 10-15 seconds to access the menu, and select  “Exit and Bott Device.” 

Force-restarting is also a quick fix for Oculus black screen displaying 3 scrolling dots. 

Use Meta Quest App

The Meta Quest app is an excellent choice to pair Oculus Quest 2 and its controller with your smartphone or tablet for purchases, casting, and other features. You can also use the app to troubleshoot headset setup issues, including stuck updates. To do this:

  • Download the Meta Quest app on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad. 
  • Turn on Bluetooth, launch the app, and sign in to your account.
  • Select your Oculus Quest 2 headset on the prompt. 
  • After pairing, confirm the app to finish the setup process and wait for the update process to complete. 

Factory Reset VR Headset

Pending updates are often the result of corrupt data files that may cause the headset to fail to go beyond 0% downloading or show orange light with a black screen.

The workaround here is to factory reset your VR headset and start the initial update process. 

  • Press the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons on the headset and hold it till you see the boot menu appear on the screen.
  • Use the “Volume Down” key to go to “Factory Reset” and press the “Power” button to choose this option. 
  • Choose “Yes, erase and Factory reset,” and the Oculus will begin resetting itself. 

Another way to factory reset your VR headset is by using the Oculus app. Launch the app on your device, go to “Menu” > “Devices,” and select your headset. Next, head to “Advanced Settings” > “Factory Reset,” and tap “Reset” to confirm this action. 

Check Oculus Sevice Outage

If all of the above solutions fail to work in your favor, the most probable cause for Oculus Quest 2 update stuck at 0 is server-side issues. Server outages don’t let you run and finish the initial update, which adds frustration and leaves you clueless.

To confirm this, go to the Down Detector website and check the Oculus service outages report. If the servers are down, let the Oculus developers fix the issues and get the service running again. 

Checking Oculus server outage

In our experience, resolving service downtime usually takes 5 to 12 hours. So sit tight or contact Oculus support to inquire how long the outage can last.  


In this detailed article, we’ve helped you know the reasons for Oculus Quest 2 update being stuck at 0%. We’ve also let you in on some hacks to complete the setup process and start using your headset. 

Hopefully, the solutions mentioned above have resolved your pending updates issue. We’re sure you are now ready to take on the virtual reality world by storm.


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