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5 Quick Steps to Dismiss the ‘PS5 Please Wait Message’

5 Quick Steps to Dismiss the ‘PS5 Please Wait Message’

The PS5 please wait message is one of many technical bugs that cause PS5 gamers’ troubles. However, if the issue occurs, fear not; it’s easily fixable.

Despite the Sony device having miraculous improvements compared to its previous gaming consoles, the please wait message is a glitch that keeps users stuck on the game or app screen.

If the troublesome message continuously shows on your device for longer than five minutes, now is the time to take action.

What Causes the PS5 Please Wait Message?

The PS5 Please Wait message is likely to show regarding a lousy or disconnected internet connection while attempting to load a game or perform an update. By unplugging your device, updating your console, rebuilding the PS5 database, or performing a factory reset, you should be to fix the error.

Don’t have the know-how to fix the error message? Follow these simple steps:

Check Your Internet Connection

Firstly, check your internet is working as usual by seeing if your Wi-Fi device is flashing either blue or green.

If your internet appliance isn’t flashing, Speedtest is great for checking the strength of your internet connection. Share your IP address and the internet connectivity tool will quickly send you feedback regarding all network errors.

Moreover, switch to a stable Wi-Fi device, Local Area (LAN) connection or an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are most beneficial due to offering the advantages of lower latency and faster speeds.

It’s also worth ensuring your device is out in the open, away from thick walls or objects which could potentially affect signal reach.

Unplug Your Console for 5 Minutes

Although, if the message is still showing, unplug your PS5 from the wall outlet and don’t plug it in for at least 5 minutes — residual static electricity can cause the device to function despite being powered off. 

If the PS5 Please Wait message continues to show, unplug the power cord for another five minutes, before plugging it in and switching the device on.

The problem will continue to show for many users regarding a recurrent issue. In which case, your PS5’s software most likely needs an update.

PS5 Please Wait

Update Your PS5 Software

Ensuring all pending updates are downloaded is vital for the best PS5 productivity. In addition, updates are often necessary for improving system stability and security while fixing issues in the process. 

Before updating the software, click Safe Mode > Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update.

If your console loses power while installing the latest updates, your files can become corrupted. To solve corruption issues, restart the update process and try again. Hopefully, your files now work perfectly. 

ps5 controller

Rebuild Your PS5 Database 

Nevertheless, if the error is still showing, it’s time to rebuild your database. Despite sounding like a risky process, it’s easily achieved risk-free when executed properly. Go to Safe Mode > Rebuild Database > Press X.

Once rebuilt, your console should perform faster without messages or errors showing. The rebuilding process should take approximately 30 minutes, although can take longer depending on how many games your PS5 holds. 

ps5 controller

Perform a Factory Reset

The last resort is performing a factory reset. Before doing so, ensure you back up all wanted data on a USB; the reset will wipe your device clean and get rid of all of your games. Although, if you are a PS Plus subscriber, you can back up your data to the Cloud.

To factory reset, switch off your console for 30 seconds before restarting it, skip all pending updates and go to Safe Mode > Settings > Factory Reset. Providing the message is no longer visible, your data can now be transferred.

If you are a subscriber and want to check or access your Cloud data, restart your PS5 before connecting to the internet and tap Settings > Saved Data & Applications > Saved Data > Cloud Storage. 


If the PS5 please wait error shows for less than 5 minutes, panic is unnecessary. However, it’s time to take action if the message hasn’t disappeared after a more extended amount of time.

The cause of the PS5 please wait message is unknown until testing all of the above strategies. Hopefully, after carefully following the given advice, you are back online and ready to game.

Contact PlayStation Support if in need of further assistance. 


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