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Telegram Won’t Show Messages: 6 Step Fix

Telegram Won’t Show Messages: 6 Step Fix

Telegram won’t show messages to you for a range of reasons. The main one is that you do not have enough storage space available. There are also 5 other possible reasons, which are:

  1. Your notification setting is off
  2. You have corrupt Telegram software
  3. Your Telegram app is optimized
  4. Telegram background data is off
  5. Poor network connection

Luckily, there are 5 steps to go through that will fix this issue which are:

  1. Clear up your storage space
  2. Enable notification setting
  3. Reinstall Telegram app
  4. Disable Telegram optimization
  5. Enable background data
  6. Refresh network connection

In this post, I’ll go through the main reasons why Telegram is not showing your messages, so you can troubleshoot why this is happening to you. Then I’ll take a look at the 5 simple steps to resolve this issue.

Why is Telegram not showing messages? 5 Main Reasons

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1. (Most Common Reason) The Internal Storage On Your Device Is Full

Telegram won’t show messages if the internal storage on your device is full. When there’s not enough space on your mobile, the app won’t be able to load up your new texts as soon as they’ve been delivered to your account.

A lack of memory will also interfere with Telegram notifying you of new messages coming through.

Users have noticed that Telegram won’t show messages when they’re out of the app, and will only come through once they’re in their account.

If you do have enough storage space on your device, Telegram won’t show messages if one, or many of the below have occurred;

2. Notification setting is off

If you have not put your Telegram notification setting on, the app will not notify you when a new message comes through.

No new texts will show until you open your account and access your current chats.

3. Corrupt Telegram software

Your app may contain corrupt software that will interfere with the performance of Telegram on your device. This can occur if there was an error with your last update.

4. Telegram app is optimized

Specific to Android, if your Telegram app is set to be on ‘optimize’, certain features will be unavailable in order to help save your device’s battery life.

This setting will block Telegram from showing your messages.

5. Telegram background data is off

Telegram won’t show messages on your mobile if the background data setting is off. This will occur when you make use of your mobile data and not a Wifi connection.

6. Poor network connection

If the device you access Telegram on cannot connect to a stable network, the app can incur performance issues, such as messages not being displayed, or notifications coming through.

How to fix Telegram won’t show messages – 5 Fixes

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1. (Most Common Fix) Clear Up The Storage Space On Your Device

Clear up the storage space on your device to help fix Telegram from not displaying your messages. The app requires at least 100MB to send and receive texts, images, and notifications without any problems.

To help improve the memory, clear out the cache files from Telegram. This is available on Android devices only.

Note, if you are an iPhone user, you will need to uninstall Telegram in order to erase the cache data. After you’ve cleared up space, restart your device before you launch Telegram again.

Other methods that will help messages and notifications appear from Telegram include;

2. Enable notification setting

Check to see that Telegram’s notification setting is set to on. If it is off, enable this to allow alerts to come through even when you are not active on your account.

3. Reinstall Telegram app

If your current Telegram app contains corrupt software, you will need to delete and reinstall it to get rid of the faulty files.

Before you redownload Telegram, turn your mobile off and on again to refresh your device’s operating system.

4. Disable Telegram optimization

If you’re on Android, Telegram may be set to ‘optimize’. To help fix the app from not showing messages, you can disable this configuration.

Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > Find Telegram > Don’t Optimize > Done

Note, once this changes, your battery life may decrease.

5. Enable background data

You can enable your background data to receive Telegram notifications and messages when you’re not active on the app.

This will allow the instant messaging service to operate on mobile data, and alert you when your device is idle.

6. Refresh network connection

Refresh your network so Telegram can connect to a strong, stable internet. Simply disconnect your Wifi router for a couple of minutes before you switch it back on.

Tip, test your internet speed to confirm you receive adequate bandwidth for not only Telegram, but all iOS or Android apps.

Telegram shows notifications but no message

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If you are part of a Telegram group, and they have chosen to ‘pin’ their messages, along with ‘notify all members’, you will receive the notification, but the text will not appear.

This is because the new message will be password protected, and the popup function will be blocked. When you launch Telegram after you receive the notification, no message will be seen.

You can, however, disable this setting. This will allow the new message to show after you have received the notification.

To do this; Settings > Notification and Sounds > Events > Disable Pinned Messages

Sometimes, this system error will occur if your network connection is poor. If it is a normal message and not part of a group, the text will come through delayed after the notification.

Why did my conversation on Telegram disappear?

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Telegram has a feature that users can enable to have their chats automatically deleted after a certain time. If you want to erase your history conversation with another profile, you can set a timer for Telegram to process the change. This can either be after twenty-four hours, one week, or after one month.

Another reason why your conversation on Telegram has disappeared is that the other person has decided to delete your whole conversation.

Telegram gives users the opportunity to not only erase messages for themselves but for the other conversation holder too.


Now that you know why Telegram won’t show messages, we hope you were able to execute the necessary steps to help fix this error on your instant messaging app.

If your chat threads keep disappearing, the person to who you’re speaking to may have deleted the whole conversation. If they’ve confirmed they haven’t, and your messages still won’t show, there might be an issue with your profile.

We recommend you contact Telegram directly with their online contact form. You’ll be able to describe the issue you’re having whether it’s notifications or texts.


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