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Virgin Media Super Hub Update: Here’s How To Do It

Virgin Media Super Hub Update: Here’s How To Do It

Are you using Virgin media Super Hub 1,2, or 2ac, and looking for an update? Do you know the latest features and performance upgrades from Virgin media Hub 3 and Hub 4? This guide will help you to take advantage of the latest enhancements from Virgin media and do the necessary upgrades for a better user experience.

Virgin Media Super Hub is an advanced wireless router capable of more than 100 Mbps speeds. You can use the wireless connection to connect to 20 different devices to stream music, play games, and download large files. Also with Super Hub, you can connect up to 4 devices by using an Ethernet cable with 4 ports.

The Super Hub supports a less congested 5 GHz frequency for faster wireless performance. However, Virgin Media’s Hub 3 and Hub 4 are far superior to all the previous hubs. Let’s find out how to update your Super Hub to a more desirable router package.

How Do I Update My Virgin Media Superhub?

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An update from an older Hub to a new Hub 3 or 4 is available to selected Virgin Media customers. To check your eligibility, you can go to the “My Virgin Media” account and see if there is a pending update or upgrade notification waiting for you.

You will remain on your existing contract and won’t be paying extra to update from Superhub 2 to Hub 3 or Hub 4. However, you may have to pay a small delivery fee if you want your Hub 4 delivered to your home address. Virgin Media will supply you with the new Hub and the accessories along with it. Also, they will ask you to return the old superhub. You are allowed to choose a delivery date for the equipment and your order will be confirmed through email.

What Are The Steps To Install The New Hub?

While performing Virgin media Super Hub update, uninstalling the old superhub and installing the new Hub takes almost an hour. Let us take you through setting up your new Hub 3 or Hub4 kit step by step.

  • Switch off your old Hub at the socket and remove the power supply lead.
  • Remove the connector cables from the old Hub by using the spanner tool provided with it.
  • Pack your old Hub and power supply.
  • Check the packaging of your new hub that contains the details of how to return your old Hub.
  • Connect the new power supply (In blue colour) to the new Hub.
  • Take the connector cable from your old Hub and connect it to the new one with the help of the spanner.
  • Connect one end of your Ethernet cable to your new Hub.
  • Plug the power supply into the main socket and connect the other end of the power supply to your new Hub.
  • Switch on your main power socket.
  • Switch on your new Hub by pressing the power button on the backside of the Hub.
  • Your new Hub will now try to make a new connection to Virgin Media’s network.
  • Wait for the WIFI light to emerge and your base light is solid white.
  • Connect any device or your computer to the new WIFI by using the login credentials written on the back of your new Hub or on the card that came with it.

How Do I Update My Virgin Media Modem?

You can update your Virgin Media modem by accessing the Advanced Settings. To do that:

  • Make sure you are connected to the Virgin Media Hub 3 or Hub 4.
  • Open a browser on your computer and type in 192. 168.0.1
  • Use the credentials to log in to your account to access the Advanced Settings page

Once the Advanced Settings page is opened, you can:

  • Change your SSID and password
  • Set up and modify Guest Network Settings to set control for kids or link the same internet using devices.
  • Run diagnostics tests on the router
  • Enable or disable modem mode

How long does it take for Virgin hub to update?

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If there are firmware updates available for your Hub, Virgin Media automatically loads them to your Superhub. However, Superhub 2ac is an old router, therefore, Virgin Media won’t be maintaining it with the new software updates.

As far as Hub 3 or Hub goes, all the necessary firmware updates are loaded automatically. On your Hub or Hub 4, you will see an LED flashing green when the updates are loading up. Also, you may experience internet outages during that time. However, users reported that these updates can take from 5 to 30 minutes to complete. After the update, the green light won’t be flashing. Therefore, reboot your and wait for a few minutes to completely connect to the Virgin Media network.

A few of the times, if your Virgin Hub keeps on updating for more than 30 minutes or the updates are happening frequently, you should contact Virgin Media support to send an engineer as this can be due to a faulty Hub device. Virgin Media offers free Hub replacement so it is better to get an opinion from their engineer.

Are Virgin Updating Their Routers?

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According to Virgin Media, their customers are about to get firmware updates to increase internet speeds. Virgin Media’s new “Intelligent WIFI Plus” firmware updates are rolling to its Hub 3 and Hub 4 routers that will:

  • Increase existing channel optimization
  • Band steering capabilities to assign detected devices the best channels and frequencies
  • Remove broadband blackspots to enhance speeds up to three times so that the subscribers can do browsing, streaming, working, or play games with ultimate ease

Additionally, you will get free “Pods” that you can place around your home. It will create a mesh network. As a result, these pods will deliver the same high-quality signal to all of the rooms in your house. Furthermore, the firmware update ensures that your device is connected to the most efficient pod throughout the day.

Virgin Media’s existing “Oomph” and “Gig1” customers can subscribe to this new update for free. However, others have to pay an additional £5 a month.


We hope that this guide helped you update your Super Hub properly and with ease. Although a few users reported some errors while a Virgin media super Hub update is in progress, the new upcoming firmware updates from Virgin Media is likely to fix these issues and capture more share of the internet broadband market in the UK.


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