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Why Does Instagram Compress My Videos – Reasons + Fixes 

Why Does Instagram Compress My Videos – Reasons + Fixes 

So why does Instagram compress your videos after you post them? Are you tired of poor reel quality and want to prevent this from happening again? 

If Instagram compresses your videos after uploading them, you may not have allowed the platform to upload them in their highest quality. To resolve this, go to your Instagram account’s “Settings and Privacy” menu and turn on the “Upload Media at Highest Quality” option. If this fails, try capturing the video in Instagram-supported dimensions and format.

In this article, we’ll discover why Instagram compresses your videos and how you can get rid of this issue for good. 

Why does Instagram ruin my video quality?

Why does Instagram ruin my video quality?

One of the following might be the reasons why Instagram compresses your videos when you post them on your account.

Unsupported Video Format and Dimension

Instagram has set specific requirements for video and photo uploads to maintain a consistent user experience. 

So, if you upload an unsupported video file, the Instagram algorithm will automatically compress it and reduce its overall quality. 

Uploading Too Large Video

Instagram has over 2 billion active monthly users, and a huge amount of data is transferred and stored on its server daily. Therefore, to reduce the load on the server, the platform has set the maximum video file size to 15MB for any device. 

Therefore, when you upload a large video file, Instagram compresses it due to its data storage requirements without considering its quality. 

Capturing Video With Phone Camera

When you post videos on your account, especially those captured with a phone camera, Instagram uses the compression algorithm to optimize file sizes for smoother streaming and faster loading times.

Instagram does this to ensure its server efficiently transfers the data with the billions and millions of its users.

Not Allowing Instagram to Load High-Quality Videos 

Instagram has the “Upload Media at Highest Quality” feature that maintains the quality of your videos during the upload process, even if it takes longer time to post and burns more mobile data.

But if you’ve disabled this feature on your account, Instagram will automatically compress your videos to upload them quickly.

High-Efficiency Mode is Enabled on iPhone

Another possibility is that you’ve enabled the “High-Efficiency” mode on your iPhone while recording a non-HDR video for your Instagram account.

For this reason, the feature applies higher compression to reduce the file size, and when you post it on Instagram, it looks blurry.

Issues With the Internet Connection

An unstable Wi-Fi connection is another reason that causes Instagram to compress your videos when you upload them. 

If you’ve enabled the “Data Saver” mode on your Instagram account to reduce cellular data consumption, it might also be responsible for your video compression issue. 

Outdated Instagram App

An outdated version of the Instagram app may not be compatible with your device firmware. As a result, the app starts acting up and causes your videos to get compressed or blurry after uploading them.

How do I stop Instagram from compressing videos?

Stopping Instagram from compressing videos?

If Instagram compresses your videos after uploading, try these 7 comprehensive methods to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Upload in Instagram-Supported Format

The first solution to stop Instagram from compressing your videos is to upload them in the recommended dimensions and format, as given below: 

  • Size: 1080 width with 1920 height for vertical clips (reels) and 1080×1080 for landscape videos.
  • Aspect Ratio: Between 1.91:1 and 4:5.
  • Frame Rate: 30 or 60 fps
  • Codec: H.264 codec 
  • Format: MOV or MP4
  • Bit rate: 3,500 kbps video bitrate
  • Audio: AAC codec at 44.1 kHz mono
  • Length: Maximum of 60 seconds long.

Compress Video Using Third-Party Apps

In case your video file size is more than the recommended specifications, it’s best to compress it to 1080p resolution and save it with a 15MB file size before uploading it to your Instagram account.

You can do this using any third-party app or online compression tool to preserve their quality on Instagram.

Capture Video With App’s Default Camera

The next solution to prevent Instagram from compressing your videos and ruining their quality is to capture them using its default camera.

To do this:

  • Open the “Instagram” app.
  • Tap the “+” icon (bottom middle of the screen).
  • Scroll right to select the desired video type (post, story, or reel).
  • Tap “Capture” (circle icon) to record the content. 

After that, use Instagram’s default editing features to refine your video, such as adding text to reels and uploading it to your account without any compression issues.

Enable “Upload Media At Highest Quality”

If you’ve disabled the “Upload Media At Highest Quality” feature on your Instagram account, turn it on this way to prevent video compression:

  • Open “Instagram.”
  • Tap your profile.
  • Tap the three lines or gear icon (top right).
  • Select “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Scroll and select “Data Usage and Media Quality.”
  • Toggle on “Upload at Highest Quality,” and you are all set!
Enabling the upload media at highest quality feature on Instagram

Turn Off the “High-Efficiency” Mode (iPhone Only)

You can also turn off the “High-Efficiency” mode on your iPhone camera to stop the videos from compressing while uploading them on Instagram. Here’s how:

  • Open iPhone “Settings.”
  • Tap “Camera.”
  • Tap “Formats.”
  • Select “Most Compatible” to disable the “High-Efficiency” mode, and that’s all.

Troubleshoot the Internet Connection

Another solution to prevent Instagram from compressing your videos is to restart your router or modem. Doing so will reconnect your device with your ISP and may optimize your Wi-Fi connection for proper video upload on the platform. 

If you use mobile data to access Instagram, disable the “Data Saver” mode on your account to let it upload videos without any data restrictions. Here’s how:

  • Open the “Instagram” app.
  • Tap the profile (bottom right).
  • Tap the three lines or the “Settings” icon.
  • Select “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Choose “Data Usage and Media Quality.”
  • Toggle off “Data Saver.”

Now, hopefully, when you upload your videos to Instagram, they won’t get compressed.

Update Instagram 

The next fix is always ensuring the Instagram app is up-to-date on your device. To do this:

  • Open “Play Store” or “App Store.”
  • Look for “Instagram.”
  • Tap “Update,” and that should do the trick!
updating Instagram app


In this article, we’ve explained: “Why does Instagram compress your videos?” You also got to know about a few methods to troubleshoot this annoyance quickly.

Hopefully, you can now continue sharing high-quality videos with your followers on Instagram.


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