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How To Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9912 In A Few Quick Steps

How To Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9912 In A Few Quick Steps

Amazon Prime error code 9912 suggests a temporary service issue and means that your app or device is unable to connect to the server. You can resolve the issue by checking your internet connection, clearing the app data, and updating the software. Additionally, you may need to contact Amazon support.

What is this code, and why is it keeping you from your well-deserved time of relaxation?

Let’s explore the solutions to this error code in further detail.

Reboot The Router

In the majority of cases, the error is a result of a network problem. This means you could have an issue with your Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

Rebooting your router will usually fix any Wi-Fi-related problem.

  • Turn off your router and unplug it.
  • Disconnect all the wires.
  • Wait for 30 seconds before reconnecting all the wires.
  • Re-plug the router and wait for the network lights to stabilize.
  • Check if the Amazon Prime error code 9912 shows up again.

NOTE: If you’re on a mobile connection, simply reboot your device or connect to another network.

Force Close the App

Often, the Amazon Prime error code 9912 is a problem with the app software. While closing the app can work, you need to do it in a way that it doesn’t run in the background.

  • Using your remote, go to Settings.
  • Choose Applications and then select Manage Installed Applications.
  • Search for Amazon Prime Video and Force Close it.
  • Restart the app from the Home screen and check if the error shows up again.

Clear Cache and Data

If performing a Force Close doesn’t work, then you need to clear all the stored app data and cache.

  • Open Settings and select Applications with your remote.
  • Choose Manage Installed Applications and select Amazon Prime Video.
  • Choose Clear Data and then Clear Cache.
  • Open the app again and see if the error has gone away.

Update The Software

The error code can also show up if the operating system on your device is outdated. The simple solution is to initiate an update.

  • With your remote, navigate to Settings and then select My Fire TV or Device.
  • Choose About and locate the update option. It will either show up as Check for Updates or Install Updates.
  • Select the option and wait for the device to power off.
  • It can take a few minutes for the update to be complete. You’ll see a message on the screen while the update is taking place.

A software update almost always removes the Amazon Prime error code 9912 but if it persists move on to the next step.

Deregister The Account

Deregistering your account is another way to wipe out any inconsistency between your device and Amazon servers.

  • Using your remote, select Account & Profile Settings under the heading Settings.
  • Select Deregister.
  • Press Confirm.

Hard restart the device before registering your account again and checking for the Amazon Prime error code 9912. The steps are below.

Hard Restart the Device

Almost every Amazon software or operating system-related error can be fixed by a hard restart. You can do this in three different ways. Here are the steps for each.

Use the Remote Shortcut

This is the simplest, easiest, and quickest way to hard restart your device.

All you need to do is press and hold the Play/Pause button and the button at the center (Select) of the navigation circle on your remote simultaneously.

Hold the buttons for five seconds, and the device will restart.

Navigate Through Settings

The device will also have the restart option in the settings.

  • Using your remote, navigate to Settings and select My Fire TV or Device.
  • Choose the heading Restart and press Confirm when the pop-up prompt shows up.

Go Manual

It is also possible to perform a hard reset manually by cutting off the power.

  • Switch off and unplug the device.
  • Wait patiently for 60 seconds.
  • Re-plug and switch on the device.


The Amazon Prime error code 9912 is usually temporary and often fixes itself.

However, this can take some time, and you’ll be unable to watch your favorite shows right now.

All the solutions mentioned above will give you control and ensure that the problem goes away just when you need it to.


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