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How To Fix Disney Plus Black Screen:  5 Quick Fixes

How To Fix Disney Plus Black Screen:  5 Quick Fixes

Disney Plus offers an expansive library of classic movies, TV shows, and original programming, but occasionally, you may see a black screen when trying to watch it on your PC and mobile device. 

In this read today, we will show you why you are experiencing this display issue while watching Disney Plus content and how you can resolve this problem.

Why is my Disney Plus screen black?

  • You have enabled extensions such as ad blockers and plugins. 
  • Your internet connection is poor. 
  • The Disney Plus installation files are corrupted. 
  • Disney Plus is experiencing a server outage. 
  • You are using a VPN service to access Disney Plus. 
  • Disney Plus cache data is full or corrupted.
  • The app is facing glitches or bugs. 

How do I fix the black screen on Disney Plus?

Reset your internet

If your internet connection is weak, the Disney Plus app or website will not work. To troubleshoot the issue, run a speed test on your network and follow the steps below to improve your internet:

  • If you are using cellular data, switch to a Wi-Fi network. 
  • Use 4G or 5G networks.
  • To refresh the network, turn on and off the Airplane mode.
  • Make sure you are within the signals’ coverage area. 
  • Reset the network settings on your device. 
  • Restart your router or modem and re-connect. 
  • Switch from 2.4GHz to 5GHz bandwidth. 
  • Connect your ISP to resolve any backend problems with your Wi-Fi. 

Note: Also, try restarting your phone or the app to clear out bugs and glitches and see if this works. 

Disable the extensions

Sometimes, you enable different extensions on your browser to add extra features or block ads. However, these extensions can cause the Disney Plus to malfunction, such as a blank screen. If you are using the streaming service on your PC, you can rule out this possibility as follows:

  • On your PC, launch the Google browser and click on the three dots on the top right side of the screen. 
  • Now, scroll down and click on the More Tools option. 
  • Next, select the Extensions option and toggle the button on each extension to disable it. 
  • Restart your browser, access Disney Plus, and verify the fix. 

Clear cache data

Cache data is a set of temporary data that a web browser or application store uses to improve your browsing experience. If this data becomes huge or corrupted, the streaming service page on your browser or Android/iPhone app might not fill up the screen or show it as black.

Clear the cache data in the following way:

On browser:

  • Launch Google Chrome and head over to the three dots on the top right side of the screen. 
  • Now, go to More Tools and click on the Clear Browsing Data option. 
  • Set the time range and checkmark the box before the cache images and files option. 
  • Next, click on Clear Data. 
  • Afterward, try accessing Disney Plus and verify the fix.

On Android 

  • Head over to the Settings menu on your device. 
  • Now, tap on the Apps option, find the Disney Plus app, and tap on it. 
  • Tap Storage and then Clear Cache & Clear Data. 
  • Confirm the action when prompted. 
  • Finally, launch the app and see if the screen is fixed. 

Note: To clear the cache data on your iPhone, you have to delete the app. To do so, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Disney+ > Offload App. This will delete your app, but the data will be saved. Therefore, when you reinstall the app, you will get your data back.

Delete and reinstall the app 

If Disney Plus is having a screen issue on your device, it is because the app’s installation files are faulty. Uninstall and reinstall the Disney+ app by following the steps below:

  • On your Home screen, tap and hold the Disney Plus app. 
  • Now, tap on the Uninstall option and select the OK option to confirm. 
  • Next, head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for the Disney Plus app. 
  • Select the app and tap on the Install option. 
  • Once the app is installed, tap on Open to launch the app and see if it is working. 

Turn off VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that creates a secure, encrypted connection between your computer/phone and a VPN server. This connection allows you to securely access the resources on the network from anywhere in the world. 

However, the VPN server often interferes with the streaming services, preventing you from accessing and using them. Therefore, if you are using a VPN service, turn it off and see if the issue is resolved. 

Update the Disney Plus app

If you are using the app on an outdated version, the Disney Plus app can experience display glitches.

To rule this out, update the app in the following way:

  • Tap on Play Store/App Store on your device.
  • Search for the Disney+ app and select it. 
  • If you see the Update option, tap on it to initiate the update process. 
  • Finally, launch the app and see if it still displays a black screen. 

Note: If the issue persists, check the Disney+ server using an online third-party service-checking website.


In this article, we looked at some potential fixes for the Disney Plus black screen issue that some users are experiencing on their mobile devices and PCs. We hope that with these steps, you can quickly resolve the problem. 

However, if you are still getting a blank screen, contact the Disney Plus customer support service and ask them for further assistance. 


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