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Panasonic TV Dims Automatically (How To Stop From Happening)

Panasonic TV Dims Automatically (How To Stop From Happening)

Let’s face it—smart TVs can outsmart even the tech-savviest of us sometimes! Some owners report that their Panasonic TV dims automatically, ruining their movie night or match day.

Luckily, we know the reasons why this is happening—and how to fix it!

Why does my Panasonic TV dim automatically?

One of the top reasons why a Panasonic TV dims automatically is actually because it’s set to do so. Display modes, ambient light, and energy-saving settings may be active, dimming your TV set after a set amount of time. Or when the image changes or the ambient light in the TV room brightens or darkens. 

These settings could come preset with a new set or have reset after an update. If you know that these lighting settings aren’t to blame, a faulty power supply or another technical issue can the potential causes.

How Can I Fix the Issue: My Panasonic TV Dims Automatically?

Check Your Panasonic TVs Display Settings

Screen brightness is a display feature on most TV sets. However, your set may unknowingly have other advanced TV display settings active that may affect auto-dimming. Dynamic Contrast, sometimes called Automatic Brightness or Contrast Enhance, is one of these settings. 

Dynamic Contrast adjusts the contrast of blacks and whites, depending on the content you’re watching, to improve visibility. Make sure that you check all of your display settings, including screen brightness and modes, before adjusting anything else.

Change Your Panasonic TVs Eco or Energy-Saving Settings

Energy-saving or eco settings are most often to blame, not when a Panasonic TV dims automatically but when it switches off. In most cases, the TV set may switch off entirely after a few minutes or hours of inactivity. Luckily, you should be able to adjust your eco-settings on your Panasonic TV—or switch them off entirely. 

Follow these steps to adjust or switch off your Panasonic TV eco-settings:

  • Switch your Panasonic TV on and let it power up.
  • Once on, press the Menu button on your remote > select Timer from the menu > and press the OK button on your remote.
  • In the sub-menu, you can switch off or adjust the timer settings for no signal and no activity. 
  • Please note that this process may vary from TV set to TV set. These solutions may apply to different brands of TV, too.
  • You can find exact instructions for your TV model in the manual that came with your TV or on the official Panasonic website.

Check Your Panasonic TV Sets Ambient Light Detection Settings

Ambient light detection works a little differently from energy-saving settings or ambient light backlighting. Instead of switching your TV off entirely, it may automatically dim or brighten your display to match changing room lighting. This is a pretty handy feature if you wish to preserve your eyes and energy usage. 

Ambient lighting can reduce light pollution-related sleep disturbances, blue light exposure, and your energy bill. However, you may find ambient adjustments irritating if your room lighting tends to change a lot.

Here’s how to switch it off:

  • Switch your Panasonic TV set on and wait for it to power up.
  • Once on, press the Menu button on the remote > select Picture > Picture mode > Custom.
  • Also, make sure to switch off the Contrast Automatic Tracking System (C. A. T. S.) function if it’s on.
  • Ambient backlighting is different from ambient light detection software that adjusts your screen brightness. Ambient backlighting systems illuminate the area behind your TV using separate lights from the LED screen.
  • Note that the above steps may differ based on your specific Panasonic TV model. Consult your TV manual or the official manual online to find out more.

Adjust Your Room Lighting

What if you like to save power and reduce your energy bill? If you want to keep your ambient light settings on, you need not settle for a randomly dimming TV screen. You can adapt your room lighting to ensure that your Panasonic TV dims automatically as few times as possible.

Here are a few things to fix around your room to minimize auto-dimming:

  • Hold your blinds or curtains in place using hooks or curtain tie-backs.
  • Close your curtains and blinds while you watch.
  • Opt for darker curtains or ones with a backing to minimize indoor light changes.
  • Also, close your windows to ensure a breeze doesn’t blow your blinds or curtains open.
  • Keep doors in place using door stoppers or lock them.
  • Don’t switch your lights on and off randomly while watching TV.
  • Use black-out curtains, especially on windows facing public streets or automatic lights.
  • Switch off automatic outdoor lights while you watch TV.
  • Place your TV in a spot or room where there are minimal light changes throughout the day.

Consider Replacing Your Panasonic TV Backlight

If your TV dims automatically without reason, the screen backlight may be faulty. Parts on electronics can break, requiring fixing or replacement. If so, you may notice your screen losing brightness over time or it flashing and flickering while on.

If the backlight is broken, it’s best to contact Panasonic support if your set is still under warranty. Otherwise, you can get Panasonic or another more affordable, reliable TV repair shop or technician to fix it for you. They will most likely replace the LED panels located in the backlight behind the screen.


It can be annoying if your Panasonic TV dims automatically—especially if you have no idea why this is happening. Luckily, it’s most likely a display or eco-setting to blame, which is easily fixable. We hope these solutions were of help to you!


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