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Paramount Plus No Sound: How To Fix Audio In 5 Easy Steps

Paramount Plus No Sound: How To Fix Audio In 5 Easy Steps

Does your Paramount Plus app have no sound?

If you’ve answered yes, this may be due to incorrectly set audio settings, or an outdated Paramount+ app on your device.

Have you made sure you are launching Paramount Plus from a browser that is supported?

Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements for Paramount Plus to operate on. A refresh of your internet connection is an additional step you can use to help rectify this audio issue.

We have generated this easy to read guide to help you understand why Paramount Plus has no sound, and supply you with easy fixes you can use to get rid of this error so you can get back to enjoying Paramount’s extensive library of media.

Why is there no audio on Paramount Plus?

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If your Paramount Plus app is outdated, you may experience no audio when you try and stream content online. Paramount+ will roll up updates regularly to get rid of performance related issues, and improve the apps features and functions. If you stay on an older version, this can cause conflict when you try and access the Paramount server.

Other reasons why Paramount Plus has no sound include;

1. Poor internet connection

Paramount Plus needs to stay connected to a strong network that is reliable in order to stream without any issues.

If your network service provider is not supplying you with at least 4Mbps bandwidth, the Paramount+ app may experience the no sound issue.

2. Browser not supported

If the browser you use is not supported by Paramount Plus, certain features and functions will not be able to work properly.

3. Device does not meet system requirements

Paramount Plus has certain minimum system requirements that need to be met in order for the online video app to work on your selected device.

If one, or many of these are not met, the app can experience playback issues.

4. Incorrect audio settings

Do you make use of an external speaker? If so, you need to make sure your sound settings have been configured to play through the audio device.

If your sound settings are set to the wrong input and/or output, Paramount Plus will have no sound.

5. Faulty cache files

Every time you launch Paramount Plus, cache files will download onto your device. These are automatically installed to improve the apps performance and quicken loading times.

However, over times, the cache can become too full, or end up corrupt.

How to fix Paramount Plus no sound

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You can fix the Paramount Plus no sound issue by ensuring you update your application to the latest available version. The app should update automatically, however, if the last update was interrupted, you will need to complete a manual upgrade. You can do this by going onto your app store and selecting ‘Update’.

Other methods you can use to fix the Paramount Plus no sound issue include;

1. Refresh internet connection

Paramount Plus requires at least 3.1Mbps to stream without any playback issues. Check your internet speed to see if your Wifi network is performs.

To refresh your network connection, unplug your router for no less then two minutes before you plug it back in.

Note, turn your modem off first before your remove it from its plug point.

 2. Check browser details

Make sure you are using a browser that supports the Paramount Plus app.

The list of supported browsers for Paramount Plus is as follows;

Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxSafariMicrosoft EdgeInternet ExplorerMobile Browser
Windows 8 & 10 +Windows 8 & 10 10 +Not supported androidAndroid 5 + Chrome
Mac X 10.9Mac OS X 10.9Apple Mac 10.10 Not supportediOS 11 – Safari

3. Confirm system requirements

If the device you currently want to use to access Paramount Plus does not meet the minimum system requirements, you will need to change over to one that does or update the settings that allow you to change.

The system requirements for Paramount Plus are;

Device SettingsWindowsMacintosh
RAM 1 Gig +Processor – Pentium 4 2.33 + GHzMulticore Intel Processor
16 bit soundOS Windows 8 +Mac OS X v10.6 +
65 000 video display  
Strong internet  
JavaScript ON  
Cookies ON  
Ad blockers OFF  
Pop-Ups OFF  

4. Check audio settings

Check to see that your audio configuration is set to the correct input and output depending on what speaker you are using.

5. Clear browser cache files

Clear your browser cache files to ensure you no longer have any corrupt data, and to also free up storage space.

How to clear the cache on Chrome

Step 1. Open Chrome

Step 2. In the search bar, type in ‘chrome://settings/clearBrowserData’

Step 3. Make sure the options are ticked

Confirm by pressing ‘Clear Data’

On Safari you can simply go; to Safari > History > Clear History > Change History time frame

Lastly, a simple method you can try is to force stop the Paramount Plus application. This can be done by ending the app in the task manager tab.

Paramount Plus audio is out of sync

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Paramount Plus will experience out of sync audio when you stream content over an intermittent internet connection. The online video streaming service needs to connect to a strong network to stream without a lag in the audio. This connection should supply at least 4Mbps.

If your internet connection is unable to supply the minimum bandwidth requirement, Paramount+ will start to experience buffering issues which can cause the sound to become out of sync.

Other reasons why your Paramount+ audio is out of sync include;

  • A faulty HDMI cable connected to your TV
  • Sound settings on the device are incorrect
  • Adblocker enabled

You can troubleshoot your device to help get rid of the out of sync issue when you stream online from Paramount Plus;

  • Check your connecting cables
  • Update sound settings on your device
  • Disable adblocker
  • Restart your device
  • Update the device’s software

An additional tip would be to uninstall Paramount Plus and reinstall it, as the app itself may have corrupt software that is interfering with its performance.

Paramount Plus playback issues

Paramount playback issues will occur if your app is not connected to a stable internet connection. With Paramount Plus being an online streaming service, it is vital that it stays paired to a stable network in order to play content without any issues. If your internet is sporadic, this will interfere with Paramount+ overall performance.

Other reasons why Paramount Plus will have playback issues include;

  • You have adblockers enabled in your browser
  • Your app is outdated
  • There is corrupt software on your device

To help get rid of playback issues, you can action the following;

  • Reset internet connection
  • Disable adblockers
  • Update Paramount Plus app
  • Power restart your device

A power restart on your smart TV will involve unplugging your device for a few minutes.


We hope this guide has helped you understand why Paramount Plus has no sound, and that you were able to fix this issues with one of the easy fixes provided.

If the issue persists, we suggest you contact Paramount directly, as there may be an underlying problem with your Paramount Plus app.

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