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PS5 Screen Goes Black Randomly: 8 Fixes

PS5 Screen Goes Black Randomly: 8 Fixes

Many PS5 users are experiencing while playing games on their console that the screen goes black randomly for some time and then gets back on.

This article will explore why your gaming console is doing this and a few methods to resolve the annoying glitch. 

Why does my PS5 screen keep turning black?

  • Video resolution mismatch between the PS5 and TV. 
  • Misconfigured VRR or 120Hz frame rate settings.
  • Soundbar plugged in HDMI ARC port.
  • Loose or damaged HDMI cable.
  • Incorrect video transfer rate.
  • “Enable HDCP” and “Enable HDMI Device Link” options are enabled under console settings. 

How do I stop my PS5 screen from going black randomly?

Change the PS5 Resolution

The resolution mismatch between your TV and PS5 console can be the cause your issue, especially when changing the picture during the gameplay.

To fix this, configure the resolution on your PS5 to match the one on the TV with these easy steps:

  • Open console “Settings.”
  • Choose “Screen and Video.”
  • Select “Video Output.”
  • Highlight “Resolution.”
  • Press “X.” (on the controller)
  • Choose “Automatic” or select the resolution that is set on your TV.

Now, play a game and confirm whether this helps. 

NOTE: In case your PS5 screen remains black and you cannot access its settings, boot your console to Safe Mode and change the resolution from the on-screen menu.

Disable VRR Settings

Some users suggest that disabling the Variable Refresh Rate settings for unsupported games on their console helped resolve this problem. Here’s how: 

  • Open PS5 “Settings.”
  • Select “Screen and Video.”
  • Choose “Video Output.”
  • Find “VRR.”
  • Toggle off next to “Apply to Unsupported Games.”

Once you do that, start playing your favorite game on your PS5 and verify the fix.

Turn Off 120Hz Frame Rate Settings 

The 120Hz frame rate on your PS5 console provides smoother motion or action in games by increasing the number of frames displayed per second. 

However, if this feature is incompatible with your TV settings or certain games, it may cause your console screen to go black randomly. Luckily, you can sort this out by disabling the 120Hz frame rate settings on your PS5 by following these steps:

  • Open PS5’s “Settings.”
  • Go to “Screen and Video” > “Video Output.”
  • Select “120 Hz Output.”
  • Press “X” on the controller.
  • Choose “Off.”

Move the Soundbar to Optical Out 

If you’ve connected your soundbar to the TV using the ARC HDMI port and PS5 via the second HDMI port, this sometimes creates a conflict and results in the random black screen issue on the console.

To prevent this, connect your soundbar to the TV through the optical audio port and plug in the PS5 console via the HDMI 2.1 port.

Check the HDMI Connection

It’s possible a loose HDMI connection or faulty cable is the reason for the console’s random blackouts.

First, use a can of compressed air to remove any dirt and debris on both the PS5 and the TV HDMI ports. 

If this doesn’t help, inspect the cord at the back of your PS5 console and TV and replace it if you see any visible damage. If you can’t find an original one, use a 2.1-certified HDMI cable. 

It is also possible that the HDMI port at the back of the TV is damaged or does not support HDR. In this case, connect the console to the second HDMI port of your TV. 

TIP: Try not to connect your PS5 to the TV via a hub or splitter. 

Change Video Transfer Rate

The HDR auto default value is set to 12 bits on your PS5. This value changes to 10 bits to adjust with the video transfer rate of your TV. But sometimes, this adjustment mismatches between both devices and results in the screen going black randomly.

Worry not! You can quickly rectify this problem by changing the video transfer rate on your PS5 with these steps:

  • Open PS5’s “Settings.”
  • Select “Screen and Video.”
  • Choose “Video Output.”
  • Choose “4k Video Transfer Rate.”
  • Press “X.”
  • Configure the setting to “-1” or “-2.”

Next, check your PS5 screen during gameplay, and hopefully, the problem won’t bother you now.

Disable HDMI Device Link & HDCP 

You may have turned on the HDMI Device Link or HDCP settings on your PS5, and that might be why you are facing this issue. 

To fix this, turn off these settings on the gaming console with the following instructions:

  • Open console “Settings.”
  • Choose “System.”
  • Choose “HDMI.”

Now, toggle off the “Enable HDMI Device Link” and “Enable HDCP” options, and check whether the console is operating correctly now.

Factory Reset PS5

If all else fails, reset the console to the default settings to clear out software bugs. Here’s how: 

Using PS5 Settings Menu:

  • Open PS5 “Settings.”
  • Choose “System.”
  • Select “System Software.”
  • Select “Reset Options.”
  • Choose “Reset Your Console.”
  • Select “Reset.”

Using Physical Buttons:

  • Press “PS” (on the controller).
  • Choose “Power.”
  • Choose “Turn Off PS5.”
  • Press & hold the “Power” button on your PS5 until you hear the second beep to launch the boot menu.
  • Press “PS.” 
  • Choose “Reset PS5.”
  • Choose “Yes.”

Next up, reconfigure your PS5, and hopefully, this will fix the random black screen problem!

NOTE: If your PS5 is lagging, resetting it can also fix this issue. 


In this article, we’ve discussed why your PS5 screen goes black randomly while playing games and how you can fix this problem with easy step-by-step methods. 

Hopefully, you’ve found a fix that worked, and you can now enjoy playing games on your console without this distraction. 


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