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Samsung TV Not Picking Up Channels? 4 Simple Methods To Fix

Samsung TV Not Picking Up Channels? 4 Simple Methods To Fix

So you’re trying to watch your favorite program, but your Samsung TV is not picking up any channels.

In this guide, we share some common ways to help your TV find the content on the channels you love to watch.

Why does my Samsung TV not find any channels?

If your Samsung TV is showing a *No Signal* message on the screen, this is the first sign that you’re not picking up any channels. To fix the issue, try the following steps:

  • Retune your Samsung TV
  • Check cables are securely connected
  • Restart television
  • Check that you are connected to the correct source
  • Make sure you have an antenna plugged in
  • Restart the digital box
  • Perform a factory reset
  • Remove any objects that may be interfering with the antenna

These are some of the most common problems faced by Samsung TV users, so let’s take a look at these problems in further detail.

Retune your TV – Yes, it really helps in the majority of cases

First of all, you need to grab your TV remote and start retuning your TV with these simple instructions:

  • Go to Menu, select Settings, then select Auto Tune and press OK.
  • In some other Samsung TV models, Auto Tune can be found in Menu > Channel > Auto Program > Select Either Cable, Air or correct source > Start.
  • In Samsung LE Series models, select Menu > Channel >Auto Store > OK.
  • Your TV will take a couple of minutes to complete the Autotune process. Once it’s completed, you will see a number of channels displayed back on the list.

Auto-tuning your television will fix most cases related to your Samsung TV channels, but if you are still experiencing issues, you may need to try manually tuning the TV.

To do this:

  • Select the Menu button on the remote control.
  • Choose the Channel option and tap Enter.
  • Press Manual Store or Add Channels and click Enter.
  • Click on the channel you want to add with the help of channel scroll buttons or the number keys on your remote control.
  • Press the Enter button to select every single channel.

Analyze the ‘Source’ of your TV

Could there be a chance that your youngest child has unwittingly changed the source of your TV while playing with the TV remote?

Selecting the incorrect input source will make it look like all of your TV channels have disappeared and display a blank blue screen showing the message ‘No Channel.’ 

Therefore, making sure you have selected the correct source is essential. For this issue, again pick up your TV remote.

  • Press the Source button, then select Edit (if the Edit button is available).
  • Use the directional buttons on your remote control to navigate between different sources.
  • Select AV and see if channels appear on your Samsung TV.

Check the cables

A loose or faulty cable could also be preventing your television from picking up channels.

In this scenario, try replacing the cable or antenna cable to ensure the issue is not with the hardware. Make sure all connections from the digital box to the television are also firm.

Try Factory Reset of your TV- sometimes this also does wonders

There might be a possibility that a problem with your TV settings could be causing this issue.

A simple factory reset of your TV can also bring the channels back to your TV. Here’s how:

  • Go to Menu > Settings > Reset > and press Enter.
  • Some TVs also ask for a PIN Code, which you must have set when first setting them up, so type in this code here.
  • Wait for the factory reset process to complete, retune the channels, and verify the fix.

Contact Samsung support

If all of the above-mentioned fixes don’t work in your case, the final resort would be to contact the customer support of Samsung Electronics.

You can either use the Contact Us section/ Customer Support on Samsung’s official website or use the official helpline of Samsung for your country. They will either guide you by phone/email or send a representative to your place for examination.

If the problem is with your hardware and your Samsung TV is still under warranty then they can also provide you a replacement as long as you meet the replacement conditions set by Samsung.


In this read, we’ve explored the reasons for your Samsung TV not picking up channels and how you can resolve this problem. Its possible that you bought the TV new and it is still in demo mode, which might be the source of the issue. Therefore, try taking it out of this mode and hopefully your trouble will be over.


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