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TalkTalk Not Getting Guaranteed Speed? Find Out Why

TalkTalk Not Getting Guaranteed Speed? Find Out Why

When signing up for a TalkTalk broadband connection, you should always be provided with a minimum guaranteed speed. However, what happens when you don’t get it?

If you are experiencing this problem, don’t panic! In this article, we will look at some of the best ways to troubleshoot your TalkTalk broadband speed. 

What speed does TalkTalk guarantee? 

TalkTalk always strives to give its customers the best possible speeds. Therefore, it offers different broadband options. Some options are listed below:

  • Standard ADSL Broadband: It’s a basic package that guarantees 11Mbps speed during peak hours.
  • TalkTalk Fibre 35: This package offers an average download speed of 35Mbps.
  • TalkTalk Fibre 150: It’s an ultra-fast option with Gfast technology and an average download speed of 145Mbps.
  • TalkTalk Fibre 250: This option also uses GFast technology and guarantees an average speed of 290Mbps.
  • TalkTalk Future Fibre: This option is TalkTalk’s flagship broadband product and offers an average speed of 900Mbps.`

Why is my TalkTalk so slow?

  • The wireless router channel is busy. 
  • Your TalkTalk router is experiencing technical glitches. 
  • TalkTalk router firmware is not updated to the latest version. 
  • You have not done the router’s setup correctly. 
  • You have connected too many devices to your router. 
  • The router is not b in an open area. 
  • The router is facing signal interference from other devices or objects.  

How can I make my TalkTalk router faster?  

Restart the TalkTalk router

If you are not getting the guaranteed speed with your TalkTalk router, restart it to refresh the network and clear any technical glitches. To do so:

  • Unplug your TalkTalk router from the mains.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and plug the router back into the mains after the elapsed time. 
  • Re-establish your connection to the router and launch a browser to run a speed test on your network. 
  • Check if your router is now providing the guaranteed speed. 

Check the router setup

Make sure your router setup is done correctly. Otherwise, you might face problems with your TalkTalk router’s speed. To do so:

  • Ensure that all router cables are connected firmly.
  • Use an ADSL Microfilter.
  • If you have made any changes to the router’s setup, undo them and see if this resolves the issue.
  • Ensure you have connected the router to the main phone socket; not the extension socket.

Note: Disconnect any device you are not using. This is because if you have connected too many gadgets, more bandwidth will be used up, resulting in the TalkTalk router not connecting to the internet, or having a slow network speed.

Minimize signal interference 

Signal interference from other electronic devices can affect the network speed of the TalkTalk router. The closer the device is to the router, the greater the chance of interference. To reduce the risk of interference, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Place the router in a central location in your home or office.
  • Keep the router away from electronic devices that emit strong electromagnetic fields, such as microwaves, Bluetooth devices, and baby monitors.
  • Avoid using TalkTalk routers near metal objects, such as filing cabinets.

Change the wireless router channel

One of the main reasons your TalkTalk router may not reach guaranteed speeds is busy wireless channels. The bandwidth gets divided when many devices are on the same channel, and everyone’s connection slows down.

To fix this, you can try changing the channel that your TalkTalk router is using in the following way:

  • Launch your browser and enter your router’s IP address:
  • On the router’s login page, enter your credentials, which you can find on the sticker at the back of the router.
  • Click or tap the See Wi-Fi Settings button on the router’s dashboard.
  • Now, head over to the Manage Advanced Settings and choose the Continue option on the pop-up box.
  • Next, go to Advanced Configuration > WLAN.
  • Select a suitable bandwidth network, i.e., 2.4GHz Advanced Network or 5GHz Advanced Network.
  • Afterward, select a new channel from the Channel list and click or tap on the Apply option to set your preferences.
  • Once you’ve changed the channel, restart your router and see if the router is getting the guaranteed speed now.

Make sure your router updates overnight 

Another fix is to allow the TalkTalk router to update its firmware from time to time. If your router is outdated, its performance will be affected, resulting in a slow network.

TalkTalk automatically sends updates to your router overnight. Therefore, ensure you do not turn off your router during the night. Once the router is updated, its performance will improve, and you will get the guaranteed speed.

Reset TalkTalk router

If you are still not getting the guaranteed speed, reset the router to the default settings. This will remove any bugs or glitches on the router. To do so:

  • Turn on your router and locate the Reset Pinhole on the back or side of the router.
  • Insert a paper pin or any other appropriate tool.
  • Hold for 30 seconds until all the lights on the router flash.
  • Finally, connect with your TalkTalk router, and the speed issue will be resolved.


In this article, we discussed the issue of your TalkTalk router not getting guaranteed speed and how you can improve it. Hopefully, with these DIY solutions, you get what you are paying for.

However, if you still face the issue, contact TalkTalk support to get further assistance.


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