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Why Is My Instagram Account Suspended? Here’s What You Need To Know

Why Is My Instagram Account Suspended? Here’s What You Need To Know

Your Instagram account will be suspended if you have gone against the social network’s community guidelines, or, if your activity on the app is being flagged up as ‘suspicious.’

Following and unfollowing a large number of accounts in a short period, as well as liking too many posts can cause Instagram to think your profile is automated, and put a temporary ban on your account to prevent spam-like behavior.

A suspended account will last between a couple of hours to 48, depending on why Instagram initially disabled your account.

We have produced this easy to read guide to assist you in understanding the reasons why Instagram will suspend your account, so you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future, and keep your engagement on the app within their ‘rules.’

Why is my Instagram account suspended?

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If you are seeing the message; ‘You’re Temporarily Blocked’ when you try and access your Instagram account, this will be because Instagram has disabled your account.

Why does Instagram suspend accounts? 

1. Suspicious activity

Instagram will suspend an account if it gets flagged up with suspicious behavior. This behavior includes;

  • Following and unfollowing a large number of accounts in a short period
  • Linking and unliking too many posts 
  • Commenting too quickly

The app will assume your profile is a ‘bot’ and block you from being able to have access to accounts as a way to prevent ‘spammy’ behavior.

Note, Instagram has a limit of 350 likes per hour.

2. Gone against Instagram rules

Instagram will suspend accounts that do not follow their community guidelines and rules.

This is to protect the users of the app and prevent harmful content from being posted.

Instagram can disable your account mistakenly, in which case you would be able to appeal for your account to be reactivated.

To recap on Instagram’s guidelines, you can click here.

3. Usage of a third-party app

Using a third-party app to complete some of your actions on Instagram (eg; liking posts) could be a detriment to your account.

This can cause your account to appear as a robot on Instagram.

4. You’re accessing your account on too many devices

Instagram can lock an account if they believe it is being negatively compromised.

If you are logging in to your profile with many devices in a short period, this can flag your account as being hacked.

5. The profile has been reported

The social networking service will suspend your account if you have received numerous complaints against your profile.

It’s important to always ensure you are posting appropriate content that fits in with Instagram’s guidelines.

How long do Instagram accounts get suspended?

If Instagram has suspended your account, it can last between 1 hour to 48 hours.

This will depend on the reason why your profile was suspended.

Can you appeal your suspension? 

Yes, the app will allow you to request them to reconsider;

Step 1. Launch Instagram

Step 2. Insert your username and password

Step 3. Follow the instructions

Instagram will also give you the option to select ‘Request Review’ in the app, and allow you to stay up to date with the process.

How do I unsuspend my Instagram account?

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If Instagram has suspended your account, you will not be able to unsuspend it. You can ‘appeal’ the suspension, and request for Instagram to reconsider their decision. 

With the suspension being temporary, it is advised to wait it out. If your suspension was done in error, Instagram would most likely activate your profile as soon as they have received your appeal, and you have confirmed your details.

You can fill out this form.

However, if you appeal your suspension, the app can decline your request and permanently ban your account.

How do you know if your Instagram account is permanently disabled?

If you continuously go against Instagram’s guidelines and rules, or your profile is still being reported frequently after you have already been suspended, Instagram can decide to permanently ban your account.

You will be forewarned that your account is at risk before the permanent block will be processed.

If your account gets blocked;

  • You will be unable to log into your account
  • Your current username will be unavailable
  • The email address you originally used will be unavailable
  • Liking and commenting on posts will not be possible
  • Other accounts will not be able to see your profile

Instagram will notify you that your account has been banned with a pop-up notification.

If you do not see a notification stating your account has been banned and you cannot get into your account, you may be having different login issues regarding your username or password.

What happens when you temporarily disable Instagram

If you decide you want to temporarily disable your account;

  • Your profile and photos will be hidden
  • Previous comments and likes you’ve made on posts will disappear

Only once you have re-activated your account, will your profile be visible again.

Note, you cannot disable your account via the app, you will need to log into your profile via the browser on your mobile or computer.

Can you permanently delete Instagram?

Instagram cannot delete your account on your behalf, you will need to log into your profile and request deletion.

If you decide you want to create an Instagram account again, you will be able to use the same username you previously had.

NB; It is only if your account was removed due to breaking their guidelines and rules, that you will not be able to use the same username.


After following our guide, we hope you now understand why your Instagram account has been suspended, and how you can prevent your profile from being disabled again in the future.

If you would like to submit any further issues on Instagram, you can shake your phone while on the app, and select ‘Report a Problem.’

We suggest you save this guide as a favorite, to make it easily accessible for when you need to recap.


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