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The 12 Most Common Problems With The Sony Smart TV

The Sony Smart Television is a popular brand and product that many families and people love to have in their homes. It has numerous features and qualities that make it reliable and easy to use. Overall, it’s a well-built product with some great display features. However, you must also note that sometimes unexpected problems can occur.

Below, we’ll be answering your questions by identifying the most common problems with the Sony Smart TV and showing you how to fix them if they do occur.

Power Issue (The TV doesn’t Turn On)

Will your Sony Smart TV not turn on? Firstly, you can tackle this problem by ensuring the TV is properly plugged into its socket.

Sometimes, your TV might not be fully plugged in, which is preventing the device from receiving power. If you’ve checked and it is well-plugged in, then the next step is to check if the power outlet is still functional. You can do this by plugging in another electrical appliance there.

Then, if the outlet works, you check if the cord of the TV is functional. Check for cuts and damage on the cord.

If your Sony Smart TV is still not turning on, we advise contacting a Sony Smart TV technician near you to come and check it out.

Power Issue of Turning Off and On out of your Control

Your TV might have this power problem as it begins to turn on and off at will. You can solve this by rebooting the TV with these instructions.

Grab the remote, and while pointing it at the TV, hold steady to the power button. It will reboot. However, in some products of this brand, it may not reboot right away. If it shows power off on the screen, press the power button. 

Alternatively, you can solve this issue by switching off the TV and plugging the power cord out. You wait for a few minutes before you plug it back in and turn on the TV. 

Sony TV Poor Signal or Missing Station

Poor signals, sometimes, are not a result of your service providers. Your TV can actively contribute to your issue of poor signal or missing channels. Whenever you experience this issue, the first step is to reset your TV.

How do you reset your Sony Smart TV? Depending on the type of TV product, you can either do a soft reset or a power reset. For Sony Non-Android TV, follow these instructions:

  • Turn off the TV and remove the power cord from the power outlet. 
  • Plug it back and turn on the TV.
  • When it is done booting or turning on, you pick up the remote, point it at the TV, and press and hold the arrow button going up. 
  • The next step is to press and hold the power button without releasing your hold on the arrow button. Do this until RESET shows up on the screen or it begins resetting without showing the word on the screen.
  • Then, the setup features would show on the screen afterward. You should set it up by following the instructions on the screen.

NOTE: At the point of resetting, if the TV turns off, switch it on and continue from where it stopped. If the reset didn’t go through, then turn off the TV, remove all the devices connected to it, and shut down the network connection. You wait for some minutes before turning it on and reconnecting all the devices and networks. You repeat the reset.

For Sony Android TV, you can reset it by following these steps: 

  • Click the home button on the remote.
  • On the home menu, click on the settings.
  • Then, when the settings menu shows up, click device preferences and then reset (or) device preferences, then about before reset.
  • When you select reset, “factory data reset” will appear. Click on it. 
  • “Erase everything” would appear next, click it. Then choose “yes.” Your TV is successfully reset. 

You should note that when the TV is reset and on and the problem continues, you should update the firmware of the TV to solve it. 

Poor or No Sound Problem on Sony TV

You should first of all check the speakers you’re using or your headset. Check the wires, cords, and plugs and whether they are in good condition. 

If there is nothing wrong with the sound output, you check if the TV is on mute. Remove the TV from mute. 

However, if it still has low or no sound, you go to settings, click on sound or audio, and set it well. You should increase the volume when you’re done. 

No Network Connection

When there’s no network connection, you go to settings to set it properly. Go to settings, then click on the network set up, and when network set up comes up, click on easy. The next step is that you select your Wifi and connection method. 

You can also solve it by doing the network diagnosis. You do network diagnosis by going to settings, then clicking on the network, and when the network appears, you click on accessories. After accessories, click on advanced settings, then network status, and when check connection status pops up, click on yes. You fix the issues and you’re good to go. 

Sony TV Freezing

Do you encounter TV freezing? You can solve this when you reset the TV. Follow the steps we listed on how to reset a Sony Smart TV. 

Light Blinking Problem

Is the red light of your TV continuously blinking, distracting you as you watch the TV? This blinking means your TV has developed a slight fault. It isn’t much of a problem.

You can solve this problem by switching off the TV, unplugging it, and switching it after a few minutes. Before you switch it on, check on the TV (dust inside, the media box, cable, software update, the cord, and more). 

You can also consider performing a reset as another option. If the problem persists after all these, call a Sony Smart TV technician to check it out to know what’s the matter. 

Unresponsive Sony TV Remote Control

This one is not much of a problem among these common problems with a Sony Smart TV. If your remote is not working or is unresponsive, you can make it work by checking on the batteries.

You either remove the batteries and put them back or you change the batteries entirely. You should also consider cleaning and removing dust, rust, and particles from where the battery is. If the remote remains unresponsive, you should consider getting another one. 

Color Discoloration or No Color

This is when your TV is not showing the right colors or is blind in some ways. For discoloration, you can solve it by either switching off and unplugging the TV or you reset it.

If the trouble persists after these options, you go to the settings and click on display. When the display shows up, click on the picture and then picture adjustments. After picture adjustment, you click on advanced settings before you finally click on reset.

Is your TV showing no color at all? You’ll have to contact a Sony Smart TV technician near you. 

Firmware Update Issues

Sometimes, your Sony smart TV fails to update its software. When this happens, reset the unit and then try updating the firmware again.

App Unavailability

Is an app for your TV not available on the app store? Any time you want to go check out apps you used for your TV and it is not available then it is not available on the app store. You have to ensure you know when it would be made available to download it.

App not Working

You may solve this problem by going to the setting, you clear the cache and the data. The app will begin working. However, if it doesn’t work still, then uninstall the app, reboot the TV, and install the app again. 


There are different common problems with Sony Smart TV, and you as the user can solve them on your own. These common problems have been listed in this post so far with details of how you can solve them. It’s up to you to take the right steps and fix the problem your TV has. Sony Smart TVs aren’t just smart, they are durable and with problems that are easy to fix by the user.


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