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WhatsApp Not Running in Background? 5 Proven Solutions

WhatsApp Not Running in Background? 5 Proven Solutions

If your WhatsApp messages only load when you open the app, you may be encountering an issue with WhatsApp not running in the background of your device.

WhatsApp failing to run in the background is caused by restricted background app usage. When your background app usage is restricted, WhatsApp and other apps on your phone will not work until you open them.

Continue reading as we share some quick and easy solutions to get the app back up and running so you can start receiving WhatsApp notifications again.

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Check if your phone is in battery saver mode

Battery saving mode is a feature of modern smartphones to conserve power when a battery is running on low power. Users can opt to enable the battery saving mode when the battery level reaches a certain percentage.

When battery saving mode is enabled, it can block some of the features of the phone, including preventing background apps from running.

When WhatsApp is disabled from running in the background, you will be unable to see your notifications. You will only be able to see new messages by opening the app.

Consequently, it is important to disable battery saving mode to fix this issue.

Follow these instructions to disable battery-saving mode: 

  • Open Settings 
  • Find and tap ‘Battery‘ 
  • Make sure ‘Low power mode‘ or ‘Battery saver‘ option is switched OFF

Check your internet connectivity

It sounds obvious, but a common reason why WhatsApp is not running in the background can be due to a lack of or poor internet connection. Here are some quick steps to ensure you have a stable connection.

  • Toggle between your mobile data and wifi connection – this could determine which source is causing the issues
  • Restart your device
  • Check your internet – are other apps or your web browser working?
  • Check if WhatsApp is down by using a website like downdetector.

Enable background data usage

When you are actively using an app it uses something called foreground data. In opposition, background data is used when apps are not active. An example of background data being used is when an app regularly refreshes to send notifications.

Here is how you can ensure your background data is enabled:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap ‘Apps
  • Find and select WhatsApp
  • Hit ‘Data Usage
  • Ensure your background data is not disabled

Check for conflicting apps

Third-party apps such as VPNs, antiviruses, or performance-enhancing apps can interfere with WhatsApp causing performance issues settings and even mess with your permission settings.

If you have an app that is conflicting with WhatsApp, it could be preventing the app from running correctly causing your notifications to not appear. To fix this issue, uninstall any apps that could be interfering with WhatsApp.

Reinstall WhatsApp

If your app is still not working then we would recommend trying to delete and reinstall the app. By uninstalling the app all of the settings, cache, and data will be wiped.

To delete an app from an iPhone simply tap and hold the app from the home screen until the icon starts to jiggle. Tap the remove button in the top left corner of the icon.

To delete an app from Android head to the Google Play Store and go to “Manage Apps & Devices” and then select manage. Select the app you would like to remove and hit uninstall.


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